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Rogers Contractors - Poor Field Service

I Plan to Stick Around

Rogers techs at some point in the last few years cut into the cable feeding my house just above ground level and split it to the neighbours when they had a signal issue.  Dropping the levels into my house as a result of the two way splitter installed.  We've had occasional digital tv channel losses but nothing to horrible.  Analogue is noisy but we only had one set still on that.  Certainly not the ideal fix for the neighbour. 


Recently the neighbours have called Rogers so many times to complain about channel dropouts that they finally sent out their contractor team to run a new cable last week.  Contractor called Terra ..something in Ottawa/Orleans area.  It looks like they ripped the old cable out.  Literally ripped it out ... only the nut was still left on the now unterminated 2-way splitter port.   Did they bother to remove the splitter to restore my levels .. no .. that would be too much effort.   Thanks.  Maybe it's a job security thing, leave open drops, splitters where they shoudn't be - generate a secondary call in a few months.  


No use calling, replaced the splitter with a Ftype bullet myself and weather proofed it.  


Sad workmanship Rogers contractor Terra ... whatever..



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Re: Rogers Contractors - Poor Field Service

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This, above all else, is what's been driving me nuts about Rogers lately. When I had home phone issues, I couldn't believe it took 4 technician visits (a total of one month) to fix the problem, which ended up being a simple modem swap. Funny thing is - I knew what the issue was right from the start and told Rogers tech support over the phone that I needed a new modem. The techs that came out messed around with my cable and literally made a mess of the Rogers box at the side of the house and my electrical panel in the basement, which was neat and organized before the techs touched it. My father-in-law ended up cancelling all of his Rogers services for a similar experience. He moved to Bell and I was present for his Fibe installation. Not only did Bell NOT use contractors (it was an actual Bell tech), but it was very professional. The tech began by showing us a checklist of what he was going to do. When he finished, he spent almost an hour explaining how to use the TV service...the difference in experience compared to Rogers was night and day. Sorry for ranting...I understand your frustration and wanted to share a similar frustrating experience with these Rogers sub-contractors.

Re: Rogers Contractors - Poor Field Service

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
It's a real hit and miss.

I have had some real bad rogers contractors who have been aful. But I have also had some really great ones which did stuff much like you described the bell tech.
With some of the services I have they have sent real rogers techs out and have been bad too.

I think it's often just the luck of the draw.

I think period that more 'spot checks' need to be done to ensure training, quality, etc.
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