Rogers Changed their plans?

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Re: Rogers Changed their plans? Accounting transparency required!

I ran into the same issue with an owned older model modem. They made changes to their plans and I used to have 80GB bandwidth then it suddently got lowered to 60GB. When I called to complain they tried to tell me it was always 60. Interesting thing is that I tried out their new modem/router rental and my account showed 80GB. I took it back 1 day later, hoooked up my old modem and my account still showed 80GB. But a few days later it went back to 60. It just shows that they are limiting the bandwidth on purpose. Don't believe their is not a hardware limitation.
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Re: Rogers Changed their plans? Accounting transparency required!

We will not argue here, that we all know its not a hardware limitation.. there is no reason that it needs to.. but its the way they chose to do it.


I have had epxress internet for about 6+ years now, and i have only ever had a 60g cap.. untill i upgraded.. years ago with my D2, it was only 60