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Rogers Cable PVR recording issue

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When I record my show on the pvr, it shows record error, and does not record any of the show at all, and it was properly set-up, and this time it happen two days in a row, so it happen on tuesday the first 30 minutes of the show Hous of Anubis record error, and the exact same think happen on Wensday, all the other shows record correctly, and on Wensday I check if it was a problem with the channel itself, the channel itself work find during the first 30 minutes. This happen to me before however it was mush more rare of an occurance. Do you have any suggestion to prevent future record errors?


Re: Rogers Cable PVR recording issue

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Good morning @nickid_2000,


What model PVR do you have?




Re: Rogers Cable PVR recording issue

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

You may not know the answer to this without watching it live..

There seems to be a bug sometimes, where if a show airs SHORT... even by a minute.. and there is NO FEED.. the box errors out.. and drops the whole recording.

Wondering if this is what is happening.

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