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Rogers Cable IPG / Program Guide Etc

I Plan to Stick Around



I am a long time Rogers bundled customer. Our neighbourhood has recently been upgraded to FibeTv. This is a service I find very appealing, first and foremost for its superior IPG/Menu system, but also MUCH larger storage capacity (why did Rogers  launch the 8642 with such a small hard drive when storage is so cheap these days..?).


As I am about to pull the trigger on FibeTv bundle, I am am very interested to learn if Rogers is about to get its IPG updated ?


Look forward to your reply.



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Re: Rogers Cable IPG / Program Guide Etc

I'm a Senior Advisor
They are slowly upgrading but it will be nowhere good as FibeTV..

At the moment Rogers is just too far behind to catch up and are just trying to hold on to the customers they have by offering faster internet and bundling you in...

I must admit FibeTV does sound pretty good. Ideally we'd be able to get rid of cable and just get all our media over the internet.. Sadly Rogers makes tons of money off of their cable customers and don't want this to happen..

If only they knew I'd be more than happy to keep paying the same if I had no bandwidth caps and could consume all media via the web.

Re: Rogers Cable IPG / Program Guide Etc

I Plan to Stick Around

I guess Rogers did not bother answering. FibeTV it is then..

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