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Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy

I Plan to Stick Around

If this is the wrong forum to discuss this situation, please delete. I’ve been a Rogers Customer for over 30 years and over the last several bundle package negotiations without fail, I’ve encountered either a price or bundle package discrepancy. At the end of each bundle package negotiation, I document, repeat each detail of every package, as well as the total monthly price including tax to the sales rep. I then ask the rep to repeat, so as to ensure there was no misunderstanding, including the final price. I then get the employee’s name, the special i89********** reference number. I also ask for an email, so as to get a hard copy, and even though they agree, it never gets sent. This time around they didn’t include TechXpert, which is included in all 3 bundle packages offered in my area. When I called Customer Service, I was told, “I’m sorry, but we’re unable to add that since it wasn’t included”. After several attempts, I asked to speak to a supervisor, which I was promised but never materialized. In the end, after being put on hold 7 times, 1.5 hours later I accept 3 months free as I was late for an appointment. Once again, I’m frustrated as it's happened again. My question is how do I prevent this from happening again as I feel Rogers didn’t provide what was promised and paid for?


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Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

That's really strange, considering it's impossible to put the bundle offer into place without the TechXpert feature added on, which is done precisely to avoid this sort of thing. Oh well, hope you can get it sorted out.

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Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hi @Nickel11,

Thank you for your patience and your loyalty!


I will have @CommunityHelps contact you via private message. Please check our messages via the envelope icon which appears in the top right hand side of your screen when you are logged into the forums.


Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

That's really strange, considering it's impossible to put the bundle offer into place without the TechXpert feature added on, which is done precisely to avoid this sort of thing. Oh well, hope you can get it sorted out.

Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

I Plan to Stick Around

Thanks for the replies,


From what the Customer Service Rep explained, the sales rep, added everything that was in the bundle but didn't package it as a bundle package which is why the TechXpert portion was omitted.





Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

Yeah, that would be the only scenario that makes sense. If it was packaged as a bundle, it wouldn't allow the order to go through without TechXpert being added on. I'm glad to hear it was resolved.


Don't get discouraged. From your original post you do everything correctly when you call in. Actually you do more then most do. We do what we can on this end as well.

Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

I Plan to Stick Around

With the help of RogersShakir, I was able to resolve this issue to my satisfaction. I have my fingers crossed that my next bill will be as expected with no surprises. I hope in 2 years I can find a better way of negotiatings a bundle package so that there is a papertrail rather than "he said, she said". I prefer one on one phone conversations, but would like it in writing before the next bill arrives. Thanks for your help lockdown2341.

Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

Maybe get back in touch with @RogersShakir or @CommunityHelps again, and make sure that your preferences on your account in regards to email, etc are all set properly?
As you normally SHOULD get emails with the change details.

This may help in the future with negotiations.


The last two times i have done negotiations over the phone, and over twitter.. i did receive the emailes, which was a great help in confirmation 🙂

Also one thing to remember.. that the current LISTED deals on the webiste, sometimes are 'new' customer bundle deals, and not always 100% available to existing customers 😞  So what you may get, is not always extact.
BUT.. sometimes you can actually get BETTER than there as well 🙂

Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

I Plan to Stick Around

Thanks for the reply Gdkitty.


I did get a follow email with the changes made, but I don't totally understand the way it was set up. I'll wait to see my next bill and if it's close to what I was expecting, I more than ok with that.


Gdkitty, thank you for being part of this forum and helping fellow Rogers customer's with there concerns and or problems. Have a great weekend and I hope to be more active on this forum as I found it very helpful. Maybe one day I'll be in a position to offer helpfull suggestions.  

Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

YEah.. SOMETIMES they are not the easiest to read.. sometimes with the + / Minuses.

I usually have the person wait on line with me, until i receive it.. and then go over it line for line with them so i undestand it 🙂
Time consuming.. but rarely have an issue then afterwards with suprises.

While i wouldnt say i am the oldest rogers customer.. i have been with them for... well a long time.

My household was on the ORIGINAL rogerswave highspeed interent.. we were in the BETA program when it was in NEWMARKET only.. way back when it was a whoping 256kbps!! (5x faster than dial up!).  Been with them pretty much since.. (have swaped to bell 1-2 times.. but always ended up having worse and coming back :P)
From that.. have years and years of KNOLEDGE on how things work, etc.

My job, i work in IT, and one major thing is TRAINING, etc.

So i figure.. i have the knoledge.. if i have the time... may as well SPREAD that knoledge.
If it makes someone elses day that much easier.. the world is a better place, right?


Hope to see you around the forums more too 🙂  Any questions, always feel free to ask.

Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

I've Been Around

We have been arguing with Rogers since we had service. First it didn't work for months due to faulty installation. Then we had to fight about our bill every month, never the amount we agreed upon when we called to only ask about cable, as we didn't want to leave our current provider a customer service rep by the name of Ben assured us that the whole package if bundled would be $168 taxes in, not a promotion it would be as long as we had service for this price. Called tonight and spoke to a rude customer service rep who said that this was not the price. When I asked for the recording of the original conversation he sent us back into que so no one would answer our call we waited a total of 2hrs 15 min on hold with no one answering our call. Rogers and there employees are crooks. I hope you people get paid a boat load of money to be upsetting customers. I don't know how this is legal or how Rogers is still in business, I am disgusted by this company and will NEVER get sucked into you lies and deceit ever again.

Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

Hello @User3666,

I have run into this problem before, but it was always addressed and worked out to my satisfaction (after some work).  I offer the following suggestions & recommendations based on past experience:


  • When speaking with Customer Service representatives, document everything.  Don't rely on the other party to do this for you.
  • Call 1-888-ROGERS-1 and select Account Changes & Other Inquiries (4) from main menu, then Change a Service (4), then Cable TV Services (2).
  • When you get a representative, highlight your concerns ('you are charging me too much!') and ask to be transferred to Customer Retentions.
  • When you get Customer Retentions, introduce yourself and state why you are calling.  Be as calm and cool and possible - yelling at this person will get you nowhere fast.  Use your documentation to outline what you were promised, then refer to a recent bill to point out the discrepancies.  Ask for an explanation as to why you are being overcharged.


If Customer Retentions is not able to help or explain the discrepancies, use the Share a Concern page over at this link to report the problem.  Include:


  • A summary of the problem you are facing.
  • The original date and time you spoke with the first agent who offered you the bundle.
  • The date and time you spoke with Customer Retentions about your issue.
  • A description of what you want - what are your expectations, and how can Rogers meet them? ("I paid x more than I agreed, and expect a refund / credit").


Please follow the above steps - I hope they can help you.

Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

When setting up these things, you should be able to get a 'quote' or change document.  I have got them normally the last few times i have made bundle changes.

Dont get off the phone, till you receive it 🙂

Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

Just got off the phone with a Rogers representative.  My last promo ended and now I will be paying more money despite going down from 4 TVs to 2 and from VIP to Basic.  It used to be that you got cable and could plug in as many TVs as you wanted.  Now you have to pay a monthly outlet fee for up to 5 outlets.  Of course, those outlets are useless unless you also rent equipment for each TV.   Such a rip off!

Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

I'm a Senior Advisor

@Kitchener244 Did you ask what you would be losing by dropping from VIP down to Basic? VIP is (was, because it's not available anymore) a very good package, practically all the channels you would ever want and a reasonable number of free outlets included. The new packages offered now give you fewer channels for more money and from what I'm reading, the channels you'll get is still up in the air.  Back when it was analog you could put in as many splitters, boosters and outlets as you wanted and Rogers seldom checked and techs visiting your house turned a blind eye. It was something too difficult and expensive to monitor and enforce. Now, with a digital signal, Rogers can see all your outlets and TVs and you only get the outlets you're entitled to and signed up for.

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario

Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

I'm a Senior Advisor

Also, I don't know how it will be applied in your situation since you agreed to the change, but under the current changes, as ordered by CRTC, you could have stayed with your existing packages - don't know what the costs would be on renewal, but I do know what my documents say my increase would be on completion of the current term, and I won't be keeping the same.


Depending upon communication to you, you may want to work through the escalation process to see if you can get a better deal - they have 15 days to provide the information of changes to you and what many may not realize is that the CRTC rules say it must be sent in writing within 15 days, and they cannot replace it with an electronic one unless you explicitly approve it (although I prefer to get it as fast as I can) - but it is an option, and the first responsibility is that they must send a mailed copy unless you direct them to the electronic form (unless I have misinterpreted the CRTC rules), and you have a thirty day grace period where you can leave the package with now cancellation fees, just the prorated costs, but you will be without any plan, unless you can work something out with retentions, but you are not bound to that agreement if within the 30 days.  Sometimes, it is not worth the hastles, and may be the right time to just move on.  We do all have choice in this, and do make the effort to read all documents that come to you, know your rights and responsibilities, and even ask them to explicitly explain any if you are not sure, and do read some of the CRTC rulings (CCTC does not apply on cable, but to other areas of the bundled services though, but will be under their rhelm soon)  I have always had good success with getting things fixed in my favour, but it definitely takes time.


And yes, Gdkitty's advice is very sound and helpful at all times, and he is right, never agree to anything with any service change without ensuring you have the time to fully understand what it means to you - does it meet your needs and wants, is it true value to you (be careful to understand the sales pitches around value for money - always be sure it is your definition of value for money, not their's or you can end up with things you don't need and lose things you do need).  Be very clear on what you are losing and changing in any change in plans (I have been burned a couple of times by not getting full clarification and waiting for the confirmation - had I heeded the advice to keep them on line until the confirmation comes - get it as a quote first, because if it is verification, it can be very difficult to get it fixed afterwards, and escalate if unsatisfied - I don't spend much time on lower levels when these errors occur, because their ability to change things is very limited, or compensate for errors you are stuck with for technical reasons and limitations on the CSR data entry screens.


It is a little more frustrating time for changes at this time because many things are in rapid change and transition with changing information almost weekly at times, creating confusion for us and CSR's, but we and CSR's are only human, and when either side gets rushed, errors can happen, as well as with miscommunication.


If you are ever trying to get a clarification and get put in the cue, instead, just go to the link on the contact section for report concern - they do respond quickly within 48 hours generally, and they will have taken time to look over things on their side, you have time to pull your thoughts together and to calm down.  And yes, always do your best to be calm.  Express your emotions (I am feeling frustrated with .... and just want to get some resolution to this problem), be clear, and do have your documentation in front of you, and document everything, and always read it to them and get them to confirm - when they say they confirm, write down that they confirmed by saying "put it there verbatum", as best as possible.


Don't fully know the legalities of recording a phone call, but I use chats and a sent transcript a lot - it gets all details of the conversations - not of what they did, but at least what they wrote.  And with the submit a concern, there doesn't seem to be a transcript, so cut and paste it to a document on your side, and if you didn't, have them read the concern back to you verbatim, they have it in front of you, and do write it down.  


Again, always do this when you have calmed yourself, step away if you are losing it - it can wait a day if necessary, or just a few minutes to walk around and breathe, just say I need a moment to think, and definitely make sure you have the time to fully understand and if you get short of time, I know it is frustrating, but ask them to document that you had to stop for personal reasons, and will be calling back to pick up where you left off based upon their and your current notes.


It is not always an easy process, but satisfaction in the transaction also relies somewhat on how we deal with it.



Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

This is not taking rogers side (though it may seem like it).  But just adding some information to it here.

Rogers CHARGING for extra 'outlets' now.. thats another whole argument.

Back in the analog days, yes, one could TECHNICALLY split it, as many times as they wanted.. (signal strength permiting, etc).  
At least for the case, of do it yourself, etc.
BUT.. very few people realize, that this was NOT supported.
Even back then, rogers only ever supported up to 3 outlets in the house.
Much like right now.. IF there were issues.. and it was caused by user introduced problems (extra/wrong splitters, etc) that the call out could be charged.

Never be afraid, even when an existing package/bundle is done.. to inquire about others.
May never be as good as a new customer deal.. but still may be very close.
Ever since the regular basic bundling disapeared.. i have called in every 2 years, to get a new 'deal' which usually results in $75-100/m off regular retail pricing.
Yes requires though, a 2 year contract.  (For me, the contract is not a big issue.. i am going no where fast, and not likely to go anywhere else.. only Satalite and 6mbps dsl where i am.. no thank you)

Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

I've Been Around

After 10 Years, Goodbye Rogers!


Called and spoke to the higher up before switching. He said I already have the "loyalty package", which includes things like...

your basic unlimited stuff, nationwide call/text

2.5gb for $80.

10 voicemails



I didn't argue and switched anyways. I'm pretty sure, a new person thats signs up can also get that kind of deal, so makes no difference. Only difference for me now is... I now have a smaller monthly fee with way more data. 


I paid off my Rogers device balance which had 6 months left.

In a 6 month comparison, I would/will be saving an amount of money...with paying off the device balance


Once my other line thats on contract with Rogers (14 months) gets closer to its end date and is much cheaper, I'll follow the same route by paying off the device balance and completly cut my ties with Rogers. 





Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

Is it possible change to a new bundle plan


I have been on the same bundle plan for about 3yrs & wanted to upgrade my internet to the 100 unlimited i think its called. i was told that if i choose to do that i would lose the discount i recieve because its specific to that old bundle. The internet i want to upgrade to is only about 12$ more than what i have it doesnt really make sense to add the 35$ extra from the loss discounts so my question is the "premier" bundle seems closest to what i have would i be able to switch to that & recieve similar discount or do they only discount new customers. Also would the other theme pack channels i have be an issue? thanks for any inisght anyone can provide

Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

Hi @yaaaa9,



Welcome to the Community 🙂


We'd be more than happy to review your account to see what the best bundle would be for you. Please contact us via PM @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. 


To learn more about our Private Messaging system, you can visit here.


Hope to hear from you soon.




Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

I Plan to Stick Around

I was switched to a new bundle by customer retention when my old deal expired January 9th. It was supposed to be a seamless switch with the price relatively the same around $138. Well my January bill was over $200. I chatted twice with customer service reps and both times was told that there would be a credit for $78.11 on my account that would fix it. I just received my new bill and that issue has not been fixed, it shows an outstanding balance of $78.11. This was supposed to be an easy switch with one bundle ending and the next beginning but it did not happen that way.


Re: Rogers Bundles Negotiations Discrepancy.

Hi @Williamr


Thanks for posting on the Community Forums! Smiley Happy


We can definitely take a look at your bundle and go over the billing details for you, send us a private message to @CommunityHelps next time you're online.


If you're not familiar with sending a PM, take a look at our blog post here.



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