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Rogers Authentication - GO Apps

I've Been Around

Hoping someone from Rogers support can help me. 


During the day I travel, while away from home I use a couple "Go" apps to watch TV. I prefer the Go apps to Anyplace TV as I can ChromeCast both CTV and Global, my favourites. 


For some reason, since last Saturday or Sunday, everytime I login to the Go Apps (CTV and Global) it says I'm not authorized or that I don't have service for those on my account? My Rogers Anyplace TV app works fine. However, I can't cast from that app. 


I have both of those channels in my package. 


I have tried on many devices. My iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop. From multiple internet connections, LTE, wifi at home, wifi at work, etc. None of these work.


They say I don't have the service or the authentication just loops. 


I've searched and this doesn't seem to be widespread issue. 


Can you please resolve this and tell me why this happened to my account?


Re: Rogers Authentication - GO Apps


Good afternoon and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums @PJK13!


I appreciate the details you've provided. Sounds like we may have to refresh the permissions for these apps for you. Please reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further.  To learn more about how to PM, please see this post.






Re: Rogers Authentication - GO Apps

I have also been having this problem for the same length of time. 

Re: Rogers Authentication - GO Apps

Hey @MoonCat,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums. 


As mentioned by @RogersZia, in the post above yours, please reach out to us directly so we may refresh the permissions for the app.


Kind Regards,


Re: Rogers Authentication - GO Apps

Streaming TV content


I’m trying to sign in to the CTV News channel (network) and I can’t. Some days I can sign in and watch previous news segments and other days I can’t.  Lately I can't.

I have no problems signing in to other content (TV programs, etc…).


Re: Rogers Authentication - GO Apps

Hello @Sammy20!


Welcome to the Community and congratulations on your first post! Smiley Happy


Streaming your favourite TV channels using the GO apps is definitely a convenient option when on the go! I've used a couple of them myself! You mentioned that you've been able to access some of the other streaming apps without a hitch, so I agree that it's odd that the CTV GO app is the only one giving you troubles. We'd like to process a system refresh on our end to see if this helps. Please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps to begin. For more information on our Private Message system, please click HERE. Thank you!




Re: Rogers Authentication - GO Apps

Cannot access content on TSN Go, SN Now,, etc.


I can no longer access video content on TSN Go, SN Now,, etc. When I try signing in with Rogers as my TV provider, it displays error message that I am not subscribed to this channel. I am subscribed to these channels with my Popular TV package. I have the problem when using Internet browser to websites as well as when I try the TSN Go and Sportsnet Now App on my iPad.

Re: Rogers Authentication - GO Apps

After third try, I got hold of a tech guy via Chat who solved the problem famously. First two just raised tickets which when got sucked into that wobbling black hole recently discovered. Thanks to Brian in Moncton, he promptly reset my entitlements and everything was working again as it should. 

Re: Rogers Authentication - GO Apps

I've Been Around

I was just told that the GO apps can only be used within my home postal code area...that doesn't make any sense to me. I waited through 3 lengthy live chat sessions to get this information. Why have the go apps if I can only use them at home where I have tv?

Re: Rogers Authentication - GO Apps

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hey @Ld8!

Welcome to the community!

We'll definitely want to ensure there's full clarity when using your TVGO apps available through your Rogers service, Can you confirm for me if you're receiving an error message when you attempt to use the app? 

Some useful points to note regarding TVGO apps:

  • You can have up to:  
    • 5 concurrent streams in and out of the home combined 
    • 2 concurrent streams when out of the home
  • Only content indicating the “TVGO” symbol is available outside of the home. 

Definitely let us know if you're getting any visible error messages! In the interim there are some useful troubleshooting steps:

  • Uninstall/reinstall the app
  • Log in with your MyRogers Username/Password
  • Have you made any recent changes to your Rogers account that might impact your eligibility? (plan changes)
  • Do you have location services enabled on your device?
  • Are you receiving an error message?
  • Is there a particular time/place where you receive this error message?

Hope this helps!





Re: Rogers Authentication - GO Apps

I've Been Here Awhile

I received an Amazon firestick as a gift. I'm having trouble activating CTV app. It prompts me to activate account in website o mobile device. I enter activation code on mobile device, i chose my provider (Rogers) enter MYROGERS userid & password then i get a message that my postal code is invalid. I reached out to Rogers but CS says they can't help with 3rd party apps. Anyone else have issues loading CTV app on firestick?


I do not have Ignite TV. Do I need to subscribe to Ignite TV to gain access to CTV app & Global TV app?

Re: Rogers Authentication - GO Apps

I can't access any of the shows under the Global App (w channel) even though I subscribe to them with cable. I can only watch Global news & Live shows. how do I access them?

Re: Rogers Authentication - GO Apps

Hello @lmccurdydunn,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thank you for posting your inquiry!


I love the convenience of watching the shows according to my schedule with the Global App. Are you able to login to the app using your MyRogers login credentials? What happens when you try to play a show? Do you get an error message? Can you confirm if you're able to access any other Go Apps?


I know you previously mentioned that you do not have Ignite TV, have you made the switch since then? 


Just need a little bit more info to best assist you!





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