Rogers Anyplace not getting channels

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Rogers Anyplace not getting channels

I am a subscriber to the VIP package and all I can access on the Rogers Anywhere is Citytv and other useless stations. I can't even get CBC!?!! I can't get an answer from the live chat and I don't know who to ask on the phone about this. Does anyone else have this question?




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Re: Rogers Anyplace not getting channels

What is the question?

Anyplace TV, (Rogers On demand), only has content/shows for what it is able to get the licences for.  No on demand service with any provider, has all channels, all shows, etc available on there.


Your loging in, with a login which has your myrogers account tied with it?

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Re: Rogers Anyplace not getting channels

As gdkitty said, Anyplace Tv only alows you to watch a subset of your cable package, plus other comtent, on your computer on demand.  Rogers can only stream what they have the rights to stream.


It is not meant to function as another cable outlet, allowing you to watch everything you subscribe to on your computer.