Rogers Anyplace TV not recognizing PVR

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Rogers Anyplace TV not recognizing PVR

I have had numerous problems since the latest update a couple days ago. First my remotes were unresponsive until I did a reset. Now my anyplace tv app is not recognizing the pvr at all. The channel guide is there but it isnt to my pvr, is this getting resolved at all...and yes I have tried resetting the box  several times. It is like there is a new update every noght now also.....whats going on?




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Re: Rogers Anyplace TV not recognizing PVR

My app is down as well.. it may be something global with that system.

(the app seems to go up and down all the time.. )

My box appears to be ok though, no issues, etc.
(though if there is a FULL update, they may be rolling it out in stages and not every area has it yet.