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Rogers Anyplace TV Home edition

I cannot access my PVR with the this iphone app.  I can sign in ok however it gives me the GENERAL DIGITAL BOX MAC ERROR when i look at the PVR scree.  I am using an iphone 5 with iOS 6.  


i have called tech support three times and they keep passing the buck -  no one knows anything about this.  anyone else have this problem?


i have reset my boxes and deleted and reinstalled the app a couple of times.  


thanks for your help.


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Re: Rogers Anyplace TV Home edition

The app is only a week or so old right now...

The rogers reps, are NATORIOUSLY known for not getting trained before something is released, and therefore not knowing whats going on.. 😞

There are 1-2 threads on this, over in the TV forum.  Might want to ask this question in that thread.. as a bunch of us there are using/commenting on it there... someone else may have come up with the error and know what to do.


Which PVR is it trying to connect to? (Model)

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Re: Rogers Anyplace TV Home edition

just a quick question i have no idea what to do i added this app.just yesterday put in email than password iam being told this is wrong so i then go to change my password try to answer sec. question and am told this is wrong is there any way to get this reset?????

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Re: Rogers Anyplace TV Home edition

To et this reset you might have to call in, or try sending a private message to one of te forum admins.

Assuming your account info is tied in with it, it should be the same login you used to log into here

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Re: Rogers Anyplace TV Home edition

Hello boomerdomi12

With the account you logged in, is the account connected to it? If so & its not letting you not log in, its not worth calling Rogers. The reps online will NOT help you at all. They will tell you to contact the Rogers online Live Chat. You can do that by going on the link i will provide:

You can also contact some of the moderators on here. Here are some of them:


RogersDarrell :

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Re: Rogers Anyplace TV Home edition

I have read many of the reviews that state the app doesn't work. I had the same error message upon downloading but called Rogers support. With their help and my own trial and error, do the following and it should work.

1. Download app
2. Unplug Rogers box and wait 10 sec before plugging back in
3. Put tv on, NOT CABLE BOX, and you will see the status of loading. It's complete when the red bar goes across the full bottom of tv screen. It will automatically disappear when it's done.
4. When done put the cable box on
5. Log into app. (It might not work yet). If not, wait an hour to allow the cable box to communicate with the app.
6. Shut down phone, not just the screen, but shut completely off. Wait and then turn on again.
7. Now when you log into app it might need a sec to download the box and guide info but all should work just fine!

Yes, you shouldn't have to go through all this but what can I say.

Hope this helps!
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Re: Rogers Anyplace TV Home edition

Getting error code 804 on ipad and 227 error code on Android. (Samsung Galaxy s3). The Home page app @ sems to be permanatly broken.


I've tried calling tech support but they point fingers to  different call centers.. Been transfered so many times lost track 😞


  1. I tried rebooting STB (un plug for 60 sec)
  2. reauthoroizing STB (reauth, unplug for 60 secs)
  3. deleting apps and redownloading..
  4. trying in Wfi @ home or LTE @ home or 3G at home

Nothing seems to help.

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Re: Rogers Anyplace TV Home edition

It would be nice, if these errors had full descriptions of them.. or there was somewhere that they were all listed somewhere..
Like if its an account/login issue.. or more a data/connectivity issue. 😞

Since last i checked i was able to log in ,but all the data showed was wrong/not mine.  That seems to be resolved.. but still has the errors of showing stuff long deleted from the pvr.

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Re: Rogers Anyplace TV Home edition

I am a Rogers Cable/Wireless subscriber and want to use the ROGERS Anyplace TV IOS App. I have cable internet though not Rogers. I am told I need Rogers Internet to make this work? Is this true and if so why?

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Re: Rogers Anyplace TV Home edition

Are we talking TABLET edition or iphone/ipod?

WIth the iphone one.. you need to do the initial login, on the WIRELESS network.. so you need to have a rogers wireless (which it sounds like you do).
From there, you can turn on wifi, and use anywhere... i have done so, on bell internet here at work, after loging in othereise.

I THINK there is a different version for the tablets.. not sure how the login on those is handled.. if its JUST login based, it MIGHT work (like the rogers one for the xbox, should work anywhere, as its based on login).