Rogers Anti- Virus will not turn on..

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Rogers Anti- Virus will not turn on..

I have problem turning it on , i tried doing it manually but it still doesnt work..

It was working a month ago and nowit just stopped working.. 

Please Help! 



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Re: Rogers Anti- Virus will not turn on..



the best advice we can give you is to remove/uninstall the Rogers Anti-Virus.  Yes, you do need an anti-virus, and I would recommend you download Microsoft MSE (assuming you are running Windows).


The Rogers Anti-virus has been widely reported here as not being supported effectively.  So, do yourself a favour, and don't use it.


On the other hand, Microsoft has a significant vested interest in ensuring the users of its products do not suffer negative consequences from the malware, trojans, viruses, rootkits, and whatever else that is out there "in the wild" and ready to pounce on your unsuspecting computer.


There are other options, but Microsoft MSE is one of the better ones available out there for free download.  And it is updated frequently, and these updates will automatically be transferred to your Windows computer.  That is way better than anything you might possibly ever get with Rogers Anti-Virus.



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Re: Rogers Anti- Virus will not turn on..

I will 101% agree with skinorth on this 🙂

Way back in the day when it was just norton with another sticker on it, it was OK.. but now.. its really not worth it.

MSE is a great choice, i use it almost exclusively now.  It would be my first pick.
There are some other decent ones as well like AVG and Avast as well.

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Re: Rogers Anti- Virus will not turn on..

I also agree about skipping the Rogers anti-virus. It's supposed to catch viruses, malware, etc. but it misses a lot of them. I use Norton 360 and it has saved my bacon many times over by trapping stuff that Rogers misses.