Rogers 8642 vs Nextbox

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Re: Rogers 8642 vs Nextbox

So I just had another tech over at my place with a new issue. The new Nextbox with the 500gb drive did not work with any ROD channels. He put another one in and same issue. He also told me that he has yet to see it work on any of the 500gb boxes. It worked fine on his test box as well as an older non-nextbox branded 160gb 8642 (just like it did on my 160 gb8642 with the new IPG pushed to it). He left without being able to fix the problem and is writing an escalation ticket. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.
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Re: Rogers 8642 vs Nextbox

@adrianeli wrote:

The Nextbox (current 8642 PVR with 500GB HDD) does NOT come with the new IPG. You have to order the upgrade from Rogers.

I have just rented a new one this Saturday. 


Just picked up a Nextbox PVR at the Rogers store this last Friday.  It came with the new IPG preinstalled.  I had to call Rogers to push out the old IPG.

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Re: Rogers 8642 vs Nextbox

The new Nextboxes come pre installed with the new IPG.
I had to swap mine out due to rebooting issues.
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Re: Rogers 8642 vs Nextbox

On existing receivers, it's best to do the update overnight, or when you're not home, because it can take your service down for 30-60 minutes while the new firmware is downloaded. I called tech support at midnight, they sent the hit, and the new IPG was ready by breakfast.
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Re: Rogers 8642 vs Nextbox

While my oldbox was in for service I had the displeasure of using a Nextbox. I hope my oldbox will last until a reasonable replacement is offered. A few of the deficiencies I've noticed:

- Can't toggle between a recording and live TV.
- Can't adjust recording time when starting a recording of a current broadcast
- Can't set stop time for recordings
- No options for how long to keep a recording
- Fast forward at max speed is much slower than before

Just a few quick observations. Surprising how an "upgrade" can be so inferior.