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Rogers 3G Network slower ?

I've Been Around

I have a blackberry bold 9700, my downloads are slower, youtube is slower than ever etc etc etc... everything is much more slower now since about 2 or 3 weeks... cleaned up everything in my BB uninstalled a couple of apps but nothing happens... same thing, everything is slower ? Any idea ?


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Re: Rogers 3G Network slower ?

I've Been Here Awhile

yes, i have noticed that things are alot slower as of late, but they say there are no problems when I called in a while back!  

Re: Rogers 3G Network slower ?

I Plan to Stick Around
Yep, same thing here (Edmonton, Alberta). 3G is slow, EDGE is slow, Rogers in general has been slow as of late and no one at technical support or customer relations seems to know why, nor care right now.
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Re: Rogers 3G Network slower ?

I'm a Senior Contributor
@ Marc1199 - Where are you located? It seems (from other posts on here) that there are 3G issues in Edmonton.

Have you contacted Rogers technical support yet about your issue? If so, what did they say? If not, try them first. They can be reached at 1-888-764-3771

Re: Rogers 3G Network slower ?

I've Been Here Awhile
If there is no network issues I find clearing the internet cache and cookies helps and the event log, clear that by being at the home screen and hold alt then press l,g.l.g, menu then clear log then reset the battery.

Re: Rogers 3G Network slower ?

I've Been Around

I concur, I live in (barrie, ON) and have noticed a significant decrease in the efficiency of the Rogers 3G network.  Specifically with the use of my bbm messenger, I have a lot of people texting me (SMS texting) later during the days and telling me they sent me bbm messages early mornings that I never ever received.  I also notice the much slower use of the internet on my bb as well as any downloads or software updates.  This is something that needs to be fixed immediately or Rogers will start losing many customers as speed and efficiency-especially when dealing with top notch blackberry devices-is slowing going downhill.  Please keep on top of your troubles and issues and report them here for further review as these comments put together can be used to show Rogers just how inefficient there service is becoming.  If there are any suggestions on how to possibly fix this problem or speed up access and help keep our signals stronger, longer please do so as well thanks! Lucas

Re: Rogers 3G Network slower ?

I Plan to Stick Around

Rocket mobile winnipeg area,  Advertised as 21mbps.


have a very strong full bars low noise/sig ratio signal.


advertised  21.0 mbps hpsa+

PEAK hours sun afternoon acctually getting      0.116 mbps down  0.404 mbps up 

middle of the night  get  0.8 to 2.5 down and 0.7-1.5 up at 3-4 am


Marginal performance even in the middle of the night.  I would take the marginal 0.8-2.5 during peak hours.  but during peak hours the service is extremly poor, at least in the areas where the Rogers towers are being shared with MTS manitoba telephone system towers. (MTS 3g is pratically unusable during peak hours since this past fall 2010)

Re: Rogers 3G Network slower ? UPDATE, happy but confused

I Plan to Stick Around



I spoke the  rogers salesman and he said he made a mistake telling me that the netcomm rocket hub 2 was 21Mbps.   Mmmm, thats what i signed a contract for and paid for.  He told me he was sorry and its acctually 7.2Mbps!


Anyways, thats not too major of a problem i guess.  I recently installed a netcomm Yagi 24db anntenna and the difference in speed and signal quality is fantastic.


I am now getting 2-3.5Mps dwn  300-800 kbps up peak hours, and up to 6.2 Mpbs dwn and 2.2 up during the wee hours when fewer people are on the network.


Very happy with this performance and service.  But now i just have to figure out why there are discrepancies about data overage charges v.s. no charges and if there are overages how much they are and why they are 10$ and not $5 like it says in the pamphlet. And why there are any at all when the salesguy pointed out on my contract that the "Overage Rate was $0.00/KB Data".  next time he changed his mind to $5/GB BUT told me there was a maximum overage of $50, then i found $10/GB on this site and no mention of a maximum overage charge.   ?????

.....and on my signed contract it says overage rate for data is $0.00/KB....



Re: Rogers 3G Network slower ? UPDATE, happy but confused

I've Been Around
Well 3g in London has been slow for weeks. I have 2 iphones and a Samsung. All have been slow and during non peak hours still not that responsive.
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