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Rogers 250/20 Upload concerns

I'm a Senior Contributor

Hello guys,


I am on Rogers 250/10 ( because 20 upload was not available in my area earlier).

I now received a confirmation that Rogers Gigabit 1000/30 is available in my area. ( Lameque, New Brunswick E8T 1K3).

However they don't have the plan to get me on the 250/20 I should have in the first place.

Can someone look into this? I would love to get my 20 upload that I should receive.






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Re: Rogers 250/20 Upload concerns

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

You should be able to call tech support and ask the CSR to provision the modem to run 250/20, which is where you should be.  The CSR should be able to do that without any problems, and the change should be seen immediately at your end.

Re: Rogers 250/20 Upload concerns

I'm a Senior Contributor

I tried that,


The phone agent said he don't see the package 250/20 for me.. he only sees 250/10, however he sees Gigabit 1000/30 so he knows 30 is possible but he says nothing he can do if he don't see the package.


I thougtn maybe I would go via the chat route and get someone else but the result was the same.


Just wondering who can actually provision me to 20?

Re: Rogers 250/20 Upload concerns


Hello, @JohnBeaudin


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forum! Smiley Happy


Thank you for posting your query in the Community. Typically the 1 Gbps service would come with 50 Mbps upload speed, as per the confirmation you've received it seems your local area still doesn't support 20 Mbps upload speeds for 250u Ignite package. Please check back later when the area is fully upgraded, thank you for your patience. 




Re: Rogers 250/20 Upload concerns

@JohnBeaudin can you let me know what you have for a modem by looking at the product sticker at the back of the modem.  It should be a CGN3, CGN3ACR or CGN3ACSMR.  


Can you then log in, navigate to the STATUS....DOCSIS WAN page and let me know how many upstream and downstream channels you have.  It should be either 20 down, 3 up or 24 down, 3 up.


Lastly, can you navigate to the STATUS .... DOCSIS EVENTS page and look for the following sequence, which will be found in one of the event lines near the top of the list:


a. CMTS-MAC=00:17:10 which indicates that you are connected to a Casa Systems Cable Modem Termination

                                              System (CMTS) which supports gigabit rates, or;

b. any of the following which indicates that you are connected to a Cisco Systems CMTS.


     1. CMTS-MAC=00:05:00
     2. CMTS-MAC=00:12:43
     3. CMTS-MAC=00:14:f1
     4. CMTS-MAC=00:1f:ca
     5. CMTS-MAC=e0:2f:6d     Note: there may be other Cicso MAC addresses
                                                                 as well which are not on this list yet.

Please let me know if you have the CMTS-MAC=00:17:10:xx:xx:xx sequence in your DOCSIS EVENTS log as you will need to request the trial version to correct a dead LAN port problem that occurs with the Casa Systems CMTS,  and connected CGN3ACSMR.  If you do have one of the Cisco CMTS front end sequences, please let me know as well.


Although the postal code checker indicates gigabit service is available in your area, its possible that you are not connected to a Casa CMTS yet, which supports the gigabit service.  If not, that should occur fairly soon I would think.

Re: Rogers 250/20 Upload concerns

I'm a Senior Contributor



Modem is CGN3ACR




The DOCSIS event is empty.


And I have requested the new firmware , it will be pushed within 24-48 hours( waiting to receive it, curently on


Let me know if you need anything else.

Re: Rogers 250/20 Upload concerns

I'm a Senior Contributor

ok EVENT finally loaded and here it is

Re: Rogers 250/20 Upload concerns

Ok, you're on a Casa CMTS which supports gigabit rates, with 32 channels down.  Since you're currently running 24 channels down, 3 up, there is no technical reason that you can't be running 250/20 from what I can see.  Is 250/20 shown as the billed service on your internet bill?

Re: Rogers 250/20 Upload concerns

I'm a Senior Contributor
My Internet Package Rogers Ignite 250u
It does not specify /10 or /20 anywhere, I checked everywhere on MyRogers and also printed the bill it only says:
Rogers ignite 250u 92.99$ ( the price of the 250/20 package).

Re: Rogers 250/20 Upload concerns

Ok, private message sent.  Please have a look at the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Click on your name and then the mail symbol when the next panel pops up.  Follow that to the inbox.


Edit:  that Casa CMTS supports 50 Mb/s upload rates with three upstream channels running, so, running 20 isn't a stretch by any means.

Re: Rogers 250/20 Upload concerns

I'm a Senior Contributor


Re: Rogers 250/20 Upload concerns

I'm a Senior Contributor

At this point , I know that 20 MBS is not a problem in my area, the only thing is Rogers not willing to provide it for some reason.


I'd like to thank you @Datalink you were very useful and with all the tests you had me ran , it's clear that there is no problem running up to 50 MBS on my area.


I have to admit I am a bit disapointed about @RogersMoin 's answer, it was very vague and the reason the package is not offered is clearly not because it's not ugpraded yet my area.


I really wish someone could sort this out but apparently I am out of luck.



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