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Roger's Remote not working with LG TV

I've Been Here Awhile

I got the Roger's PVR and have set up the PVR to my LG tv with the hdmi cable. However, my LG tv won't work with the universal remote. So now whenever I want to turn on the TV or louder/quieter, i have to walk to the TV to manually do it. I can change the channels fine through the PVR. I have tried everything (manual, called rogers - took 2 people and 2 hours for them to give up, and even a Roger's cable guy came and couldn't figure it out.) I have spent half a day tyring to figure it out but it won't work. I bought a Phillip universal remote before for the TV and it worked. But as soon as I plugged in the PVR and everything, the Phillips remote doesnt work for the TV anymore and neither does the Roger's one.


Does have anyone have any idea??? I set up the basic cable box with my really old Sony TV (from 1997) and the universal remote works fine on it.


Just not my 2009 LG tv....urgh.


Please help!!



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Re: Roger's Remote not working with LG TV

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Did you program the Rogers remote to operate your TV (the 4 digit codes in the little book that came with it)? If you have, then it is possible that the remote simply does not have the capability to work that TV or the remote is defective. Does your original TV remote work the TV?

Re: Roger's Remote not working with LG TV

I am wondering since he bought a universal for the TV, that he doesnt have the LG one anymore 😞

As mousetamer said.. while the rogers remote is a universal one per say as well.. none of them are ever guaranteed to work with ALL tv's.
Its odd though, even trying that one, should not have 'turned off' the universal one from working..


I have a 2011 LG LED tv... i know the codes did not work.  I had the do the manual method to get it to find the code.  Probably took a good 100+ presses for it to find the right code.

Re: Roger's Remote not working with LG TV

I'm a Reliable Contributor

He should be attempting to program the rogers remote using the manual method, as sometimes tv manufacturers use other companies sensors and boards, and the code listed in the is just not the right one.  Here's the manual method instructions:


Turn your TV on, and have it on a channel

Press the TV "mode" button below the power button. (just once, ensure it lights up)

Press & hold the "setup" button in upper right corner for a few seconds - until the TV mode button flases red TWICE.

Press: 991,  the TV mode button will flash (i think it flashes twice)

Press the Power button

Start pressing the Channel UP button repeatedly

The TV mode button will flash everytime you press the Channel UP - which is sending a different code to your TV. If your tv gets the right code, it will turn off.


Since your TV was on (which was the first step) if you catch the right code, your TV will turn OFF.  Once the TV turns off, press and hold the Setup button again (to save the code) until the TV mode button flashes (twice I think) again.


If you are pressing the Channel UP button too fast, and pass the code (tv turned off, but you kept pressing channel up!) you can actually press the Channel DOWN button slowly to "back up" and your TV will turn back ON when you catch the right code again.


If this works, let us know!

Re: Roger's Remote not working with LG TV

I've Been Here Awhile



I already did try that on the first few days for a few hours just sitting there and pressing it. Did not work at all.

Re: Roger's Remote not working with LG TV

May just not be compatable with that TV 😞

Re: Roger's Remote not working with LG TV

I've Been Around

Is there an issue with Nextbox and LG? I am having difficulty as well.

Re: Roger's Remote not working with LG TV

Its random hit and miss it seems.

I have a 2011 model LG tv, and it works just fine.
I had to do the manual method of presssing the channel +/- till it turned off, probably a good 150 presses.

Re: Roger's Remote not working with LG TV

I'm a Reliable Contributor

Theres a way to "call back" the 3 digit code from the remote, but I cannot remember the code. You have to press the setup button, enter the code (could probably google it) and then press #1, which will cause the cbl light to flash a certain number of times, this would be the first number of the 3 digits. Press #2, and count the flashes, same for #3.  So if it flashes 3 times for #1, 5 times for #2, and 8 times for #3, the code would be: 358.  Maybe someone with an LG can do that and post the code for you.

Re: Roger's Remote not working with LG TV

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
iunno i owned 2 LG tv so far and have always gotten it to work, ill post the code tomorrow cus im not at home rite now

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