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Rocket Hub drop in quality.

I've Been Around

Over the past few weeks I have really noticed that the up/down speeds are low and my latency has been well over 250, when normally its around 100ms. Kamloops, BC. The hub is also constantly (3-5 times a day I'd say) like losing internet signal, then rebooting itself after awhile. This used to happen occasionally but now is more frequent.





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Re: Rocket Hub drop in quality.

I'm a Reliable Contributor

I live in Ontario and I too have noticed the latency increase but the speeds have remained pretty much the same.   I suggest a call to Rogers Tech support and talk to them about tower overload.   I did that after 3 days of sudden poor performance and once the tech realized it was not my machine (W35) an adjustment was made to the tower and I got a call back 2 days later advising the repair had been made and I have gotten speeds never experienced before.  

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