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Rocket Hub Voice and DATA is CRAP

I'm a Trusted Enthusiast

Asking the Rogers support team here on the Forums... had a 310wvgr just got the V2.. so



how come when people call me on either devices I am unavailable... the router DOES NOT MOVE


I have a cell phone in a router that doesnt move.. have 5 towers to connect... yet my home phone through this device is HIT and MISS


CARE to comment Rogers ERIN!!! or any other ROGERS SUPPORT STAFF


So My old device didnt work.. doest work.. the new device V2 doesnt work... are you guys going to upgrade me to the new router for free??


Cant get a call on my home phone , can't play world of warcraft...   are you guys just messing with me??




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Re: Rocket Hub Voice and DATA is CRAP

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I don't have that hub.  I have the Ericson W35 and to get my phone up and running I ran a phone line cable from the hub to the demarcation point that was installed by bell originally.  By doing that I activated all the phone line outlets throughout the house. My wall mounted phone works very well and so does my portable phone.  

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