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Rocket Hub DNS Problems

I Plan to Stick Around

I have the 3G10WVR2 bwith a intermittent, but with increasing frequency, DNS problem. I have tracked it down to the Hub not processing/hand shaking properly to provide DNS resolution. I confirmed this by manually setting the DNS services on my laptop rather than let the Hub resolve them. Now my laptop works fine but my iPad stops functioning until I power cycle the hub.

For more details, see the discussion at

I'll be looking to see if there is a firmware upgrade I can try before exchanging it at Rogers.

Anyone know where to find firmware upgrades?

Model Name: Rocket Hub Hardware Version: 96358G-133V Software Version: 3G10WVR2-L101-S402RGS-T01_R04 Bootloader (CFE) Version: 1.0.37-102.6-14 Wireless Driver Version:



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Re: Rocket Hub DNS Problems

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I use a W35 Ericsson RocketHub.  As a Rogers Forum participants we have ring-side seats to the ongoing problems with various gear that Rogers provides.


The 3G10WVR2 DNS problems have frequently been mentioned in postings here, as far back as two years ago.  There has been a firmware update issued that may address your problem.  See:


I only became aware of this update very recently, but because I use a W35, it really is not that relevant to me.


I hope that this firmware update resolves your DNS issues.




Re: Rocket Hub DNS Problems

I've Been Around

                        I recently upgraded from the Ericson 35 Hub to the Netcom 3 G 27wv for home phone and internet. Strangely enough the motivating factor for switching had to do with the crappy wire  from the power supply to the hub . I had to replace it three times @ a $80,00 cost each time, according to Ericson, was the only one in the world with this problem. Rather than spend more money on another useless Dollar store wire I signed up for a 2 year contract  with the Netcomm 27 hub . The internet part ,works great , the phone part is TERRIBLE, several weeks ago I called tech support, and was informed that they acknowledged a problem with the Hub. Callers who call my # , are greeted by what sounds  like someone  yelling through a 20 foot culvert pipe, mixed with a symphony of beeping and buzzing needless to say they won't be subscribing to Rogers services anytime soon. Hopefully I will be hearing from Rogers soon regarding corrective measures . I was recently offered a $50.00 gift from Rogers for being a valued customer, I declined the offer, please re-direct these funds to correct this problem. If I don't hear back in the near future, I will be filing a complaint with the consumer protection agency . 

Re: Rocket Hub DNS Problems

I've Been Here Awhile

Same problem... bought a Rocket Hub in early September; phone problem persist for almost 3 months now. I cannot make a call without dialing it 3 times, whether is local or not. Also, at the other side of the speaker people cannot hear me properly...

They replaced 3 hubs by now and 2 SIM cards. 4 times the problem was "Escalated" by Tech Support and nothing was solved.

I am definatelly not happy! I told them i want my money back and Costumer Relations person told me i have to pay penalty for braking a 24 months contract....  Excuse me?? Rogers is braking the contract by giving me sh..y service!!!

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