Rocket Hub (3G10WVR2) out of IP's

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Re: Rocket Hub (3G10WVR2) out of IP's



Just noticed your message... (and just noticed the "Subscriptions" checkbox on the upper right here)... 


Who knows why Netcomm hasn't fixed the problem and Rogers continues with them.  Time, money, beaucracy, lucrative supplier contracts?  At least they should have a note in the configuration and tell their technical support staff.  I guess that's why they have this Community Forum.  Also, the recent mass migration from Portable Internet could be causing a system-wide overload of their network?  I'm sure this marina has had a few people migrate putting a sudden load on the local towers.


Thanks for your feedback when the tower gets overloaded.  But disappointed to hear that there is a complete Denial of Service event when the system gets overloaded and even requiring a reboot of the Hub.



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Re: Rocket Hub (3G10WVR2) out of IP's



we can only speculate why Rogers leaves this situation without correction or resolution.  In my mind there is only one motive: let's just call it cost containment.


As to your speculation on the effects of "mass migration" from Portable Internet, I just don't believe that to be the case.  Certainly not a "system-wide overload of their network".  In my mind, Rogers is receiving revenues from the "new" RocketHub" subscribers, and has an obligation to service the data needs of their customers.


When you stop to think about it, the network data volume needs of RocketHub users are much easier to predict than that of the average cell phone user.  Most RocketHubs stay put.  Rogers advertises and sells them as relatively static home Internet and landline replacement services.


Cell phone users on the other hand move all over the place.  They are in cars, they are at work, at home, at sports events, in restaurants, they are everywhere!  Yet, the needs of the cell phone user are prioritized over those of the RocketHub data users.  The network needs of cell phone users are much harder to predict as they move anywhere and everywhere.


I can tell you that I have on a number of occasions lost internet connectivity on my computer while my wife was on the phone using the RocketHub phone connection.  Her phone conversation continued uninterrupted and unabated.  But my internet connection was severed.  Boken.  Dead.  Gone.


Bummer, huh!




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Re: Rocket Hub (3G10WVR2) out of IP's



So after testing it for a few days, I can say there was a big improvement from entering the IP addresses of the Google DNS servers into the router in the Rocket Hub. But it's not perfect. It seems everyone on the network now experiences occasional  instances of a page not loading. This can be solved by switching browsers, or sometimes just stopping the browser from loading and clicking the refresh button. So it's a big improvement over having to unplug the Rocket Hub.


It could be that entering the Google DNS servers on the router was not sufficient and we'll have to do it on each computer. But as we have frequent guests here, I'd prefer a solution that was network-wide.


I got a response from an email to NetComm tech support on how to by-pass the router in the Rocket Hub


'You can half-bridge the modem and use a separate router for routing if you wish. On the 3G10WVR-2 Web GUI navigate to Advanced--->LAN and tick on "enable half-bridge" '


So I may try that and see whether using a separate router helps with the DNS server issue.


I'll check in with the Vista users again and see whether they are having issues that your fix might help with.



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Re: Rocket Hub (3G10WVR2) out of IP's



glad to hear you got an improvement by changing the DNS settings on the Netcomm.  I wonder what would happen if you were to enter your DNS IP address choices directly into your PC or MAC.


I am quite interested in the "half-bridge" mode which you can use on the Netcomm.  The documentation I have seen doesn't really describe that mode to my satisfaction.  So, if you should choose to do that, please let us know the results.


I would think that using an outboard router with your Netcomm, and letting the outboard router perform dhcp services, would solve the DNS problem by default.  You would then choose the DNS addresses, you would configure them into the outboard router, and the dhcp functions on the outboard router would then automatically pass your selected DNS addresses on to the PC's and MAC's on your network.




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Re: Rocket Hub (3G10WVR2) out of IP's

Hi when you say


"I just got a Rocket Hub to replace my Portable Internet. I have 19 IP devices in the house and didn't realize the Rocket Hub has a limit of 15"


Q1:  Do you mean 15 IP address only OR 15 computers or devices accessing the INTERNET at the SAME TIME !

Q2:  Can I add a WIFI airport express ? and leave the Hub just to access the Internet, if yes, How do you do that ?

Q3:  I want to add, some LAN switch to make some of my component using LAN cable instead of WIFI (thus adding more IP addresses)

Q4:  Finally how many IP the Rocket HUB can Handle ??


The reason is this, I have 13 Devices which needs an IP address:

Wireless Printer, Buffalo NAS and SONOS equipments (Music WIFI AMP)  needs IP addresses but are rarely accessing the Internet.


Then other devices are accessing the Internet but not at the same time. 2 IPAD, 2 Laptops, 1 Apple TV and 1 PS3


Thanks for your help !!

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Re: Rocket Hub (3G10WVR2) out of IP's



A1: I doubt there is a limit of 15 IP addresses hard coded into the RocketHub.  You probably realize that without an IP address, you cannot connect to the Internet, or to most anything else within your home LAN either.  Whether that many devices on your LAN will work or not depends on what they are doing simultaneously at any given time.  You only have so much bandwidth capacity and internal data capability available from the RocketHub and the cellular network.


A2: Yes, you can add a WiFi Airport Express to your RocketHub.  It can be set up to off-load certain functions from the RocketHub.  But in the end, RocketHub is still the gateway to the Internet, and will be the ultimate limitation and/or "bottleneck" in your Internet activities.  See my previous posting on how to add an outboard router to a RocketHub for guidance on how to do this.  Your exact needs may be different and require an alteration of this procedure.


A3 & 4: The whole number of IP's available issue is not a function of whether you do it by WiFi or by cable.  It is not a function of how many ethernet LAN ports you add using an additional ethernet switch, but It is a matter of your IP addressing plan.  If you use the RocketHub defaults of -, subnet mask, you have a theoretical limit of about 253 IP addresses.  The ultimate limitation in the networking capacity of a RocketHub-based Lan is not the number of IP's available, but the bandwidth capacity of the cellular link and the processing capacity of the RocketHub itself


In most network situations using the RocketHub that I can imagine, you will run out of Internet access bandwidth capability and RocketHub processing capacity way, way before you run out of IP addresses.




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Re: Rocket Hub (3G10WVR2) out of IP's

Just wanted to chime in about the netcomm routers... if you are getting random disconnects and the router is under heavy use, it may be an indication that the router is overheating. I own a V1 router which under Status> 3G network displayed the temp of the router, I think the V2 router firmware removed this option. 


Try setting a table top fan blowing air over the router to keep it cool... it should help stop the random disconnects and having to reboot the router

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Re: Rocket Hub (3G10WVR2) out of IP's

Update (from robps)


After months of frustration with the 3G10WVR2 rocket hub (lots of web pages just stall, either don't load or take forever). I have changed the DNS servers in both the Rocket Hub and the connected PCs and still the same. Rebooting sometimes helps for a short while then the same problem again.


I was about to cancel and go with Bell as my friend has their Turbo Hub just down the street and it works great, but I found a Ericsson W35 Rocket Hub for sale on Kijiji and bought it.


So far 1 week in and it works great!! No slow loading pages, no lost DNS, no page freezes. Getting about 4 -5 Mbps down and .5-1 Mbps up.


Only issue I have now is that the W35 doesnt seem to offer IP reservations so I was thinking of using an external router (Airport Extreme) but it doesnt look like it even offers a "bridge mode"


Any ideas?


@skinorth I believe you have a W35


Can't believe Rogers has not fixed this issue. I know a few people where I live that just gave up and cancelled - went to Bell.



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Re: Rocket Hub (3G10WVR2) out of IP's



I am happy to hear of your success with the W35.  Personally I think it's regretable that Rogers no longer offers the W35.  Personally I have never had a problem with mine, at least not any problems that I could blame on the W35.


I don't know for sure what you mean by "IP reservations".  Certainly, using an outboard router like the Apple Airport Extreme is not a problem.  Others, myself included, have used other types of outboard routers with the W35.


The W35 dhcp operates a little differently than that on the Netcomm.  The W35 default dhcp range begins at, if I remember correctly.  So if you wanted to allocate a fixed IP address to a device on your LAN, such as the Airport extreme, you could use the address space from through  Just pick one, and configure it on your Airport Extreme.




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Re: Rocket Hub (3G10WVR2) out of IP's



By IP Reservations I mean assigning IPs through DHCP based on Mac Address.


I have a number of components (AVR, Zoned Sound System, Lighting controller) that I need a "fixed" LAN IP address for so the control apps can control them. By making "reservations" in the DHCP server you can assign MAC > IP.


The Netcomm does this and the Airport Extreme as well (as long as it is the DHCP server) but doesnt look like the W35 supports it.


I see the W35 has a "Disable DHCP Server" option but I think I will end up with "double NAT" if I go that route??


I guess I could set static IPs on all the devices I need, but thats a bit of a pain.


Or I could wait until there is a fix for the Netcomm unit 😞