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Roam Like Home

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I just got my bill and noticed a $12 charge for Roam Like Home. I talked to someone using online chat, he said I got charged because of a incoming call received while I was outside of Canada.
Here is the problem: I never answered that call, and my data roaming was turned off. The agent told me it doesn’t matter, as long as I connect to a different carrier, whenever I send/receive call or SMS, I will get charged $12 per day for Roam Like home, and there’s NO WAY to disable roam like home service.

This is not making any sense to me. I know I get charged for sending SMS/make calls, but even for receiving SMS and calls even if I don’t pick up??? He told me to prevent the charge I have to remove the SIM or turn on Airplane. I travel a lot for business and most of the airport free WI-FI internationally requires SMS verification code for me to use it. I was with a different carrier for 10 years and recently switched to Rogers, this is the first time it happens to me.

Re: Roam Like Home

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I will let @CommunityHelps  reach out to you to help.  I can't speak to everything from my own experience, but the chat person is in error on a couple of things.  Received SMS are not charged for and do not trigger Roam like home.  In this thread is a lot of detail, but the whole Roam Like Home model has been misinterpreted and mispresented so many times, that I don't fully understand what triggers and what doesn't.


I have never fully understood what the definition of a received call means - does that mean that an incoming call reached our phone, or that we have to pick it up to be received.  The information says sent or received calls, but does not clarify if we don't answer.  It has been clarified that in case of a voice mail, it is on the server, so as long as we don't call in for it we are not charged.  (My interpretation)


And the final constant clarification - no you can't disable Roam Like Home, but you can call in and ask them to "unenroll" you from the service.  You can enroll anytime you want via text, calling in, or via MyRogers on your phone number, but to unenroll, you have to call in or chat.


Hope you get clarification on the unanswered received call.  By the way, with your phone not enrolled in Roam like home, if they charge for received calls, it would be the rate per minute which varies.


Could a moderator please clarify, does received mean that your phone rang, or is it received only if you pick it up.





Re: Roam Like Home

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Resident Expert

Here's a link to an helpful Roam thread. The link below gives most of the information...


...but there are other earlier posts/links in that thread that go into more detail:


Airplane mode should preclude any Roaming charges...

Re: Roam Like Home


Good evening @faysuen,


Welcome to the Rogers Community! Thank you for posting your concern.


First of all, receiving text messages should not trigger the daily Roam Like Home charge.

For more information on Roam Like Home Triggers, check out the thread mentioned by @57 above.


If you would like our assistance with this billing issue, you can reach out here, by private messaging our @CommunityHelps inbox. 

You can learn how to send a PM, here.



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