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Roam Like Home charges

I'm Here A Lot

Am I mistaken or is there nowhere on the Rogers site that tells you that the $5 daily Roam Like Home charge is per line?  I looked everywhere for that before I took the plunge, changed my plan to a Share Everything and ported my second phone number over from another provider.  


I honestly thought that the "Share Everything" included the roaming access with the Roam Like Home plan on all devices that are part of the plan.  Naive? Perhaps, but the dual $5 charges on my first bill were a shock. 


Rogers - maybe you should think about changing the name of the plan to "Share Almost Everything".


Sure would have been nice to even have some fine print somewhere on the web site that would have indicated this sneaky bit of accounting Tom-foolery...


Re: Roam Like Home charges

Don't use data when u leave Canada.

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