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Roam Like Home Legacy Plans

I'm a Senior Advisor

 I did notice in MyRogers that I had been enrolled in this roam like home, and that it had been applied to my legacy plan.


I called in for clarification, and the person on the other end had great difficulty understanding how the option applies to a legacy plan.


I walked him through our traditional use of roaming. I will give you our usage pattern, you can think about your own, and I encourage you review those usage patterns before agreeing to keep Roam like home on a leagacy plan turned on, as it may result in costing you more than you would if you had it turned off, which I learned you can request it be turned off.


We go to the states about once per year or less.  We usually send a text to our family in the states that we are at the border, no cost as it is covered in an Add-on options.


We would usually send them a message upon arrival in their town - we FB via WIFI at stops along the way, and at the hotel where we stay for one night.


Cost for that one text message .75 cents.


Largest roaming cost we have ever paid on a trip in the last 10 years - 2 phone calls, 1.45 per minute each, less than 5.00 as they were quick plus three texts, total costs around 10.00 with taxes.  All other communication we do with available WIFI - we still operate like WIFI access is like looking for a pay phone when you need it.




I am not sure whether the roam like home allows us to use our Canda wide bundle when in the states back to Canada, I didn't ask. But again, we never do that anyway. WIFI, and when we get back to home, we send messages that we are in Canada and when we expect to be home - and we communicate back to states on SMS as we don't have MMS on our plan.


As we have no calling permitted to the states on our plan without cost, it is 1.45 for each call, but we were told by the rep that we had to add a 15.00 add-on in order to access the unlimited use of calling in the U.S. on the 5.00 per day plan.  Again, we don't need it, and if we need to call, we keep it short at 1.45 per minute.


We have no data on our plans, so we have the automatic feature that turns on data for one day for 7.99 for 50 MB.


So bottom line is that I will have them turn the feature off, and also asked them to turn off the auto data feature too, but we will continue to keep our data roaming turned off and use WIFI as needed.  We can call in or text in for the data at 7.99 if needed.  If not possible, I just do as we always have - turn the data off - we can't send picture either, so don't need any data turned on, and we turn our mobile off except if we need it.  People know they can reach us at our hotel.


So in summary, it is a neat feature, convienent for some, but be aware of the costs for those on legacy plans.  Look your options over and decide what best needs your needs.  If you get a rep that just doesn't comprehend the details of a legacy plan and its limitations and costs if you use Roam like home rather than other traditional roaming options, unless you understand your plans well and want to walk them through it, ask for someone who understands.


So I thank you for letting us know about this new feature, it allows us to evaluate whether it is beneficial for us or not.


For my family no, plus we also keep an unlocked phone and you can pick up sims anywhere if we run into a situation where we have to use more communications in the states, or pick up a pay as you go.


For each, you will have an option, but just wanted to provide some food for thought about the implications of this addition (automatically), which you can have turned off if you wish, and the cost implications based upon you usage patterns.


Happy new year.


P.S. we never did get any messages of this change, so the statement "should" is true so far for me, and glad it was posted here.  Hope it is being posted on twitter, facebook, and main Rogers pages.  haven't looked.





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Re: Roam Like Home Legacy Plans

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hi @BS


Thanks for posting on the Community Forums and Happy New Year! Smiley Happy


With Roam Like Home, you would only have access to your plan features and would not be able to use the data add-on of 7.99 any longer.


For more information check out Roam Like Home Support page -



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Re: Roam Like Home Legacy Plans

I'm a Senior Advisor

A brief update - I had another chat tonight as I was left confused about a couple of things.


Here is the summary as applied to my "older" plan.


I will provide you some basics to show you how complicated it became for them and for me to understand what the availability of Roam Like Home was.


We have a share everything text and talk plan 300 local minutes - it was an original family plan with unlimited between family member calling across Canada, so we never needed much more because we only called each other.  We have never used the full 300 minutes either.


Over time, the following were added as loyalty bonuses, not on my request, just put on or offered.


unlimited text Canda wide, not MMS though.

unlimited local calling bonus - we get billed through the local minutes, then it moves to the unlimited, while some minutes go to evening and weekend, which was another bonus being moved to early evening, and between family was a separate section.


We added on an add-on value package that is no longer available, providing for MMS/SMS across Canada, canada wide calling, and SMS text to US so we could text our daughter, along with other features like voicemail features, and name and call display.


As I discussed the implications of Roam Anywhere Plans, I learned the following.


1. You cannot turn off roam anywhere anymore, they are part of the plans.

2. Given our unlimited text bonus, we can send and receive text (sms only) if data is not applied while we are in the states, to US numbers, and back to Canada.

3. As we didn't have Canada wide in our basic plan design, at first it was thought that I would have to add a 15.00 calling plan to the US rather than our current Canada wide plan only.  This turned out to be in error - because our add-on included Canada Wide, we are able to make and receive calls from Canada and within the US and to Canada, unlimited.

4. As we have no data plan, we would leave our data plan off.

 The old method of just turning on data would no longer apply, but they gave me a text number to turn on data for 24 hours at 7.99 - the old feature that used to apply to our account but occurred automatically and renewed every 24 hours with advanced warning of reaching the max 50 MB data.  If we access data in any way, or make/receive a text call, the 5.00 roaming is turned on, even though we don't have data, and we would have to text in for the 7.99 daily travel data - she wasn't sure, but she thought that if I didn't send the text that I would encur overage data charges at standard per use rates, but if I left data roaming and all data off, it would prevent this charge, but do remember that if I want to use WIFI, to make sure that network is turned off in order to avoid the possibility of the phone accessing data by accident, but she believed that if I kept roaming data turned off, it would be no issue.

Total cost per day for data and Roam anywhere would be 7.99 + 5.00.


It was an extremely lengthy chat, over 1 1/2 hours, with considerable consultation and research by her after accessing my full account and trying to understand what I had and how the new model applies.


I am not totally confident that she has it fully right, we won't see until I use it and see the billing, but I have advised them that I will keep that correspondence as my reference of what I believe billing to be and that as a one time, I would expect adjustment if it is otherwise, and that we could clarify exactly what it is if something is in error.


I also recommended that management consider having staff experienced and knowledgeable with our old plan models and how these changes apply, because I had spent almost 3 hours getting this information so far, and still am not confident that I fully understand it, or that there may be confusion in communication from either side.


So I suggest that for customers with old plans, that if you consider using roaming (I personally don't, we actually just turn our phones right off and have never paid anythingmore than 8.00 on one occasion the first time we went to see my daughter in the states and couldn't find her home in the subdivision. This is what I call an unexpected situation, and that is the only reason I use roaming.


It would appear that this will be a good deal for many, in particular if you have Canada wide minutes. It appears that local minutes would not apply, so the low end share text and talk plans this feature would not be of benefit at all.  The fact that they are allowing us (it seems that way at this point) to have data passes for the day, is also beneficial for those of us who don't use data at home, and you may need data to figure out where to go and need to access a company name, an email, a google map to narrow down information.


So I suspect I may end up using these features at some point, but it will probably be on an as need basis only, as it has always been.


I was advised that this change was made because many customers have asked for it, and that although it may not be of best benefit given my old plan model, if I would consider moving up to a full share anything plan with data, it would be of great benefit to me.  Couldn't get away without having at least one upsell and marketing pitch made.  Politely said, I am not interested, and you can see on my plans, that we have never had data, but there certainly are some benefits to Roam anywhere for the lower end share text and talk plans


But if considering one of the lower plans, be careful if you plan to make Roam anywhere that you confirm you have the right mix of features, such as Canada Wide calling, or full SMS/MMS to the states, so you may have to upgrade from the basic to Canada Wide unlimited, and add-ons to get the best benefits from Roam anywhere.


For those of us that this change applies to, I strongly suggest you discuss your plan thoroughly, and if you are looking to change up plans and gain the benefits of Roam anywhere to its fullest, be sure you have the correct plan and add-ons and minutes to take advantage and meet your needs.


It may become easier for us and them to understand, but for now, I can't even say that what I just wrote is 100% correct.  I really won't know until the next time I roam and if I even use the phone and finally see the bill.


And it may all change inbetween now and when I may use it, as often occurs.


I am sure they would love to get us all onto share everything plans with roam anywhere and market us for the best roam anywhere solutions and plan features, and get us off the old plans, but for now, we have them and it is on us to figure out how they apply to us and make the best decisions for our needs and what we are willing to pay.  As I always say, value is defined by me, not othe customers, or companies.


Hope this helps when thinking about this new feature when considering how to best apply it to low end plans, and old plans, and when choosing the feature sets of the new lower end programs.


Happy New Year,


Re: Roam Like Home Legacy Plans

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hi @BS


Thanks for posting on the Community Forums and Happy New Year! Smiley Happy


With Roam Like Home, you would only have access to your plan features and would not be able to use the data add-on of 7.99 any longer.


For more information check out Roam Like Home Support page -



Re: Roam Like Home Legacy Plans

I'm a Senior Advisor

Thank you for your clarification - that is now the fourth answer I have heard.


I still don't understand how I access data as I don't have data in my plan.  How is it billed, turned on, etc when I need it - Roam like home seems to have turned off the old method of the daily pass of 7.99, so just how do I get data and what are the rates.  When I search the site, it still says, 7.99 per day for data, 1.45 for calls, and .75 for text as pay per use, and my data would be pay for use.


Any clarification on the basic question - I have a plan without data - deliberately - I don't use data except for urgent situations, don't need to have it all year long, so don't want to pay for it all year, just per use as we did up until 3 weeks ago, so I understand how the text and calls work with roam like home, but don't understand how I get data - when I access data, will get the one day pay per use applied to my bill with notification when it reaches the limit of 50 MB limit so I know that if I continue I will have another pay per use charge for data.


Thanks for trying to clarify for me, but with four different answers, I can't take yours at face value, and it doesn't answer how I access and get billed for daa.


Thanks always Bruce


Re: Roam Like Home Legacy Plans

I'm a Senior Advisor

@RogersPrasana  Spent an hour plus on the phone with a very thorough rep.  It took a while for her to wrap her head around legacy plans, but we got there.


Outcome -


In my case, with Canada unlimited calling, unlimited text MMS and SMS in Canada, but only SMS to US, the following applies.


If I turn on data to find a google map directions - first, charge for 5.00 Roam like Home applies, but makes the unlimited phone calling while in the states available for 24 hours with the additional rates per day up to 10 days.  Applies only on days that you use calling.


But here is where the difference kicks in from the standard plans.


I do not have data at all - so, overage charges kick in.  The same would be true, if you did not have unlimited text, or calling limits.  If you happend to be over, or go over while you are in U.S.


The rates are as follows:


.75 for text

1.45 for calls per minute

7.99 for 50 mb per day with notification when you are reaching limit with an message telling you the text message to send to extend it 

No 10 day maximum charge on overage charges, only the RLH.


The RLH still applies, even if you only use data.


So in my example, I access data for my google directions, I have no data on my plan - 5.00 RLH is applied automatically, 7.99 is applied automatically, and phone calling within the limites of my plan and texts within the limits of my plan (in my case, no MMS to States).


You can find the standard roaming rate schedule here -

scroll down to about the middle and on right is a button for standard roaming rates, where you will find the three rates I mention.


This map at will provide you with this same information for other areas of the world.


Remember that the 5.00 or 10.00 Roam Like Home Rates applies even when in overage charges.  In the past, we were only charged overage charges, still applies, just adds the features of Roam Like Home - no way to disable it once it is turned on, which in the past, you requested it, in the case of this announcement it was enabled to all eligible and legacy plans, so we had no choice.


Confusing to say the least, at least for me.


My advise is if you still have questions, find yourself a knowledgeable rep, and keep emphasizing the features of your current plan and ask for the overage charges.



Re: Roam Like Home Legacy Plans

Hi @BS,



Thank you for taking out the time to share your findings with the Community. I'm sure many users would appreciate the information. Based on your own roaming usage breakdown in the post above, I did want to let you know that if you feel $5 or $10 per day is more than what you usually pay for roaming then you do have the option to Opt out of Roam Like Home.  


A few things you should be aware of before you opt out:


1) If you decide to opt-out of Roam Like Home, our regular roaming rates will apply when you travel. This means you'll be charged full price for every minute, SMS/MMS and all of the data you use while roaming.


2) In addition, since your plan is eligible for Roam Like Home, US Travel Packs and International Travel Packs will no longer be available.



Hope this clears things a bit 🙂








Re: Roam Like Home Legacy Plans

I'm a Senior Advisor

Thanks for the updates.


I still remain with the question of unenrolling open for discussion, as you are now the 6th person, all with slightly differing answers.


I understand all the precautions about costs and travel paks, I already knew those, but thank you for mentioning them.


So for now, I will just move on, and I will get a final answer, if and when I go to the states again, and get it documented in case, the billing ends up different from what I was told.  But in all probably, it will be moot anyway, as I mentioned, I have rarely used my phone for SMS/MMS, calls, or data ever in the last 10 years.


I am real, real, old school, and learned how to communicate back when we were all terrified by cell phone overages and roaming charges, so I learned to just turn it off, and just use WIFI when I reached the places we went.


Thanks for the information, and for those who like to call when on vacation (I don't - that is why I vacation, to get away from family, friends, everything, just the people in my car), I am sure this change is very beneficial for you.


Thanks for reading, and providing answers to the best of all of our abilities.





Re: Roam Like Home Legacy Plans

I've Been Around

Hi instead of adding new topic...


I received text message in December about new roam like home charges but because I was on vacation did not pay attention to much to this text.

Move forward ,new bill arrived and i noticed that i was charged 10 per phone/per day during our trip up to $100 per problem that's what i signed for but then there was extra charge for US ( we had 10 hours lay over in Miami) $12 . So i called not because $12 but just to verify why....very nice rep, really polite we started going through charges and she was puzzled can you hold until i check with my manager, no problem. After few min she was back and her( her manager) explanation was US is not consider international ? Can you ask your manager do I need passport to go to US, do you understand why I ask this question...perfectly let me check again....ok few minutes later she is back , I spoke with my manager and they said it was because of different time zone ?...cant be that either I was in Chile which has same time zone as Miami...anyway i did not want her to go back and forward so i asked for clarification of the new roam like home plans. Turns out that Rogers increased pricing and that regardless of your contract this new prices will be same for everyone. One of the reasons why i chose Rogers was this plan and now when I am under new contract for 2 years if I want to use this add on new prices will apply. Can Rogers change prices like this?...turn out that they think they can...what will happen if i want to break my contract with Rogers?..., I will need to pay penalty but Rogers can increase plan without any consequences.


No problem Rogers my first step was to unlock my phone, so now when i go internationally for longer period  I will get local sim card with new number and data plan


Still I dont believe that was valid move by Rogers

Re: Roam Like Home Legacy Plans

I'm a Senior Advisor
I am going to do my best to understand and try to explain as I know it.

US rates for roam like home are currently 6 per day. Did you get charged that 12 on each phone or 12 for two. Earlier in post you said 10 per phone. Guess before the announcement. If you were charged 12 per phone international rates applied. The new ones. Now I see no logic to saying Miami is in same time zone. Wouldn't the rate be based on physical location of tower. United States applies based upon my reading.

Moderator can you jump in and clarify.
I think the supervisor was fishing for answers. I have seen that before. Pity the poor rep after that discussion.

My understanding is that roam like home is considered like a travel pack or roaming charge. See my discussions above. As it is an add on. I know they turn it on automatically but you do have to accept it to use it and you can unenroll and just go with current per minute and per text rates and data passes. You have to call in to cancel it.

They don't have to advise us in advance as it is not part of the plan. It is a travel add on option which we can opt in or out of. Only plans require advance notice.

My phone is unlocked now and I have always used per use roaming so I didn't pay attention but good question.

So yes they can change it or even replace it. And depending on that 12.00 total. If 6.00 per phone that makes sense and if 12.00 per phone international I don't buy the explanation. Maybe international area of airport but don't think so.

And yes with the increases and the increase in cap using a out of country sim if you use it every day begins to make cents. Pun intended. 180.00 for 15 days I am sure you can get a pretty solid pay as you go plan. 90 dollars in USA cap. Still steep. And I guess they are still doing to end of billing plan so in some cases if over 15 days across time period you pay more.

As advised to me which I already figured out assess your needs and what rate method you prefer.

Great questions. Lots of value added benefits marketed in plans are not of a benefit to a low end frugal user like me. I like math and debunking marketing so I analyze closely.

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