Retrieving old e-mails

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Retrieving old e-mails

Hello, Does Rogers keep copies of all e-mails sent and received. If so, is it possible to to recover and download all e-mails from my Yahoo mail?



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Re: Retrieving old e-mails

Hello Micheal_R

Unfortunately Rogers does not & even if they do they won't give them out to you. In order to lets say retrieve them from Rogers or any carrier they need a warrant from the Police or court to get them.

If you delete or remove the emails you set / got or lost there is no way of getting them back unless they are in the Trash folder.




Hey Micheal_R

Yahoo does have an email restoration process, but there are some conditions that do apply (request has to be within 7 days of emails being lost).  Hopefully this link will provide some help.



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Re: Retrieving old e-mails

As meowmix said.. if you dont have access to the account anymore... or if they have been deleted, etc.. they are gone.

Now if you have access to the email, you can download them to a email client localy.

If you have already, and they are no longer on the server, you cant download again.. they are gone (unless you did the settings which kept on the server, etc)