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Requesting higher upload speed for Lite

I Plan to Stick Around

Hey Rogers


I'm not a bandwidth hog by any stretch:


You bumped the upload speeds on every package. Except one. Lite.


Why was Lite completely forgotten?


My mom has Lite and 256kbps means she has to wait longer than anyone else to put Facebook photos on the internet, Skype video at 720p or 1080p pixelates like crazy, and websites like Google maps load excruciatingly slowly, one image tile at a time.


Look what happens to our ping to when I load the home page on this connection: Look at pings #4 through #9. That's what happens when Firefox is downloading your web page and flash applets and all those fancy images. Massive ping spikes occur that break any and every other program running in the background. Sometimes it spikes over 1000ms! This is unacceptable. You are literally choking the connection with such slow upload speed. And it's barely usable for browsing one web site at a time.


It's not 2001 anymore. No one uses compression anymore, no one optimises anything for slow connections. Most websites and programs are very interactive and media centric and require two-way transfer. 256kbps just doesn't cut it.


Bell is selling DSL 5/1 for $43.95 including modem rental. Resellers are selling DSL 7/1 for even less. And I hate to cancel a Rogers account in good standing for 30 years just because you have unreasonably stingy upload speed on the lower usage packages.


On Rogers if you rent the Hitron D3 modem you are doling out $49.49/month for Lite. Rogers has the most expensive basic package on the entire market. If you want to do that, fine, but please I am begging you, give us a reason to justify paying more money, give us a valid, a practical reason to stay.


Lite deserves at least 1Mbps upload like everyone else is getting. Of course everyone would be grateful for more. If you ask me the minimum upload speed these days should be 6Mbps. I will settle for less, just not 256kbps anymore.



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Re: Requesting higher upload speed for Lite

I Plan to Stick Around

It feels like the people who run Rogers Internet forgot about how the Internet works.


Loading the home page uses 906.24KB download AND 252.15KB upload. Why is it using upload? Because of acknowledgement (ACK) packets.


Look at this graph, 256kbps is completely saturated while loading the home page:


There is no technical excuse for setting the upload speed so slow on a modern HFC network. We are already operating inside a low usage environment, why do you have to artificially limit the speed too? It is really punishing and frustrating. This doesn't even compete with a 10 year old technology ADSL2. Rogers wants to upgrade their network to D3, they want people to upgrade to D3 modems. Well we made the investment in a D3 modem with 4 bonded upload channels but no one can tell the difference because the upload is still slow. What was the point? Why should we help you anymore? Why don't you invest back into your paying customers and give us more upload speed?

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