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Requesting Higher Upload Speed Caps

I'm Here A Lot

First off, I'd like to mention, I'm currently quite happy with my download speed and latency. Since moving to where I live, I've had great download speed (averaging 4.0-4.2 MB/s download from Steam with Extreme+) and no connection issues. However, I am an avid gamer.


A phenomenon that is becoming more common in the gaming world is streaming gaming footage via a self-streaming website like Twitch TV... you can share your game footage with friends, show them something cool that you found, or show off your skills. If you're in a beta you can allow the gaming community to view it "through your eyes". If you play an MMO, you might stream footage of you and your guild achieving a world first or difficult kill!


Self-streaming however, requires upload speed. The more, the better. With low upload speed, the video quality degrades heavily whenever there is motion. Having even 5.0 Mbps would allow for decent stream quality - allowing text to be legible to a viewer. 10.0 Mbps would allow for Crystal Clear HD Self-Streaming!


I would like to submit a request for higher upload speed caps, especially on the higher end packages. I know this forum is probably not the best place to do it, but I don't know of anywhere else I can even submit a request. Rogers is unfortunately on the very low end of upload speed caps. Even competing locally against Bell, while Rogers wins in availability and download speed, Bell upload speed is much higher, peaking at 10 Mbps on their Fibe 50 service - as opposed to Rogers Ultimate peaking at 2 Mbps.


For a reference from down south, I just quickly pulled up the Comcast website from the US:


Please consider raising your upload speed caps. Having Rogers best plan available being unable to compete with Comcast's value plan on upload speed is depressing. I would be willing to pay for a plan with a boosted upload speed - If extreme plus was offered for $80/month with 5.0 Mbps I would gladly subscribe. It's just galling to pay $28 more for a giant amount of download speed (that I don't need/care about) and only go up to a paltry 2 Mbps of upload speed, which I DO care about.


To the community, please like this post if you agree!



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Re: Requesting Higher Upload Speed Caps

I've Been Here Awhile

Quick update on this topic, at least for my neighborhood - I recently decided to stop paying $7/month for my modem, and went to my local computer store and picked up my own. Anyhow, while I was on the phone with the technician getting that into the system, I slipped in the question regarding my upload speeds. It turns out that in my area, I have the option of 150Mbps down / 10Mbps up! That's the good news - However, the bad news is, they can't enable it because they tell me my router is not compatible (Cisco DPC3008), AND the plan costs $20 / Month more. 


Thanks Rogers!!!

Re: Requesting Higher Upload Speed Caps

I've Been Here Awhile

im hating these upload speeds... they are a pain in the **bleep** and rogers doesnt give a rats **bleep** about us. That is why rogers never responds to post regarding upload speeds.


bell offers 10mbps upload for all the services and ill be happy to get only 5mbps upload with my Rogers Extreme Internet

Re: Requesting Higher Upload Speed Caps

Resident Expert

Jose, if you happened to read the post above yours here.. you would find that they are planning to increse the up speed, they have in some areas already, and others are on the way.

In the end, its a infrastructure and hardware limitation.. which rogers is working on getting set up for everyone (some backend, some will require a modem change on their end).

Bell, prior to the intro of Fibe, was actualy LOWER that rogers upload.  Fibe is only able to offer it now, as they are brand new, so brand new infrastucture they could build with that included right from the start.

Re: Requesting Higher Upload Speed Caps

I've Been Here Awhile
They can't make these changes soon enough for my area. I work from home and there's no way I'm going to pay $100 a month for just 2mb/s up speed.

Re: Requesting Higher Upload Speed Caps

I've Been Around

I have been harassing rogers via email and phone for about 6 months now regarding their upload speeds. Apparently 10mb is available in TO (somewhere) they are starting the testing there, I live in Ottawa they couldn't give me a timeframe for availability here but said it is on the horizon. I will see if I can find the email to post.