Repeating the feedback I gave on recent survey

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Repeating the feedback I gave on recent survey

Hi folks.  My first post.  Here's a copy of the feedback I gave on the recent survey...


1 - The PS3 app PVR function is useless.  Obviously none of you app developers use it.  This has been an issue for years.  Which leads me to believe that nobody at either the NHL nor Rogers really cares.

1.1 - You can only move forward or back in increments of 3 minutes.  What good is that?  At least give us some options like +/- 10, 30 & 60 sec.  This +/- 3 minute timeframe is a joke.

1.2 - The timeline/slider does not keep step with either your current location in the broadcast nor with real time.  There is no indication of where current live time is either.  Once you show it, you're sunk.  When accessed they start out in the same location as where you last left them, not where you and real time live currently are.  Without knowing those two things; where you are in the timeline and where live is, you have no reference to work with, so you just randomly skip around the timeline hoping to recognize a part of the game you have either seen or not seen to get a grip on where you are.  I have had to develop the habit of looking at the game clock before showing the timeline.  See also point #7 for a real example.

1.3 - The slider will actually go all the way off the screen to the left in some cases when you first click left/rewind.  The next click right/fwd brings it back in short steps on to the timeline.  It's a joke.

2 - There are functions on the far right of the PS3 app timeline that do nothing (seem like event/highlight markers).  Either get rid of them or make them work.  Just leaving them there is poor workmanship and a sign of how much you guys really care about this stuff and your customers.

3 - the online app could also use a more polished timeline.  Reliably knowing where you are and where real time is is a must for any PVR function to be worth using.  Its current time position marker does not work either.

4 - The PS3 app always opens on the next days schedule.  Every time I open the app, I first have to skip back one day to see today's games.

5 - You need to streamline the online log in process.  Whenever I watch a game online I eventually have 3 or 4 tabs open before getting to the game feed.  I should just be able to log on and choose the game I want to watch.  Instead it bounces me out of GCL and back to Rogers, then back to the GCL, only to have to choose the game again, then it just sits there.  I then have to select the game again to get the feed to show.  By then, like I said, I've got 4 tabs open.  Come on guys.

6 - How about a "remember me" option when logging in that actually works, so I don't have to go through all that back and forth stuff I just mentioned?  Would be nice.

7 - Your streams are slow.  It's not my ISP or incoming bandwidth that's the issue.  I can stream other video sources just fine, but GCL is plagued with the pinwheel of death lately. It was much better when NHL owned it.  This year I see a lot more freeze ups.  What's worse is that when the feed does freeze, it seldom recovers on it's own.  I have to ffwd a bit to shake it loose and get the stream moving again.  To do that I have to access the pvr timeline.  Refer back to my dislike of that function.  I don't know where I'm ffwding from or to.  I end up ffwding from a point somewhere back in time to a spot that I already watched.  Now I don't know where I came from, so have to do the skip fwd and check stuff over and over.  If it weren't for the game clock I'd have no idea where I was, which sometime happens, so I just give up and watch from wherever it lands.

8 - I see you have stopped blacking out games.  That's good because the blackout system that was in place did not work.  Please, please, please do not bring it back until you make sure it works right.

9 - Why do your apps all look different?  I use the online web, PS3 and iPad versions.  They all look different.  This is another example of bad app development management.  It makes one think that you have different teams of developers, each working on their own separate apps, without there being any overall planning, supervision, leadership or direction.  They all just do their own thing.  That comes across as very unprofessional to me.  All your apps should have the same look and feel to the extent that differing operating systems allow.



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Re: Repeating the feedback I gave on recent survey

@wildswing Welcome to the CommunitySmiley Happy



Thank you for providing your feedback!


I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 3

Online GCL pvr timeline slider is also messed up

I watched the Bruins @ Devils game last night.  When it was over, I saw this (link to scren shot below).  Similar to the PS3 timeline funtion, the "you are here" slider is were I last left it, not where I was at the time.  You can see the slider (little circle) back within the game timeline, but the screen obviously says the game is over.


Click here to see screen shot

Hard work never killed anyone, but why take the chance?
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Re: Online GCL pvr timeline slider is also messed up

Hi @wildswing 


Haven't heard of any issues with the timeline function that you've experienced.


Anyone else in the community experiencing such issue with the timeline function?