Remote control buttons are not working well ...

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Remote control buttons are not working well ...



Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem I am having with the Scientific Atlanta Explorer 1840 cable box with the 1056B03 remote.


It all started about two days ago, I would turn on the the tv and box, and when I press the channel up to go to the next channel and stop, it continues scrolling through all the channels until I press the channel button down to stop it. And it also does it when I want to go down channels it automatically starts scrolling all the channels non-stop. Just wondering why this is happening, and if anyone has any information that can help me.


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Re: Remote control buttons are not working well ...

That looks like a physical problem with the membrane switches under the buttons. The conductive material gets worn out. You can try pressing a different area of the button. Otherwise, the only solution is replacing the remote or opening it up and repairing it with conductive paint, something most people wouldn't want to attempt.

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