Rejected Calls vs Unanswered Calls

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Re: Rejected Calls vs Unanswered Calls

It looks like that!


I used to have a similar plan with Bell. But at Bell it did not cost anything when a call was forwarded to voicemail. So I was used to practically never answer any calls and let them all go to voicemail. I was then checking my voicemail from Skype, which also did not cost anything (i.e., with Skype $3/month unlimitted Canada/USA calling) and then answering all the calls also from Skype.


But my phone was not working with Bell in Manitoba where I often visit. So I swiched to Rogers ...

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee
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Re: Rejected Calls vs Unanswered Calls

So what's the plan now? I mean deactivating voicemail would be one option right? have you considered monthly option? I don't know if its right for you, but just throwing ideas out there, since Rogers One Number will become accessible, Voicemail wouldn't be an issue either. There are low cost Voice only plans if you are interested.