Regional Blackouts in Effect...

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Re: Regional Blackouts in Effect...

Because the game is available on TV in your local area. Rogers can only do what the NHL allows them to do. Your issue is with NHL boradcast restrictions, not Rogers.
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Re: Regional Blackouts in Effect...

We pay enough, last season we could watch blacked out regional games on line via Roger’s web this is NO longer available...called into Rogers service...oh well that is not available any longer, it was a one year trial? No announcement etc…they sucker you in year one, and hope you cave in going forward(nope)no going to do it….bait and switch!

Live in Toronto are but cannot watch many of the games with Ottawa or Montreal? Mostly blacked man does the NHL and Roger's NOT want viewership to increase? (value for the money? nope)when you start to see the ridiculous Regional games etc...i dont' care if an NHL fan in BC wants to watch a local game or say Calgary, why then should we in not be able to do the same...I already pay to view sports etc...then for NHL I need pay more, for NFL I need to pay more, for EPL I need to pay more...out of site out of mind...I stopped watching....again my monthly fees are enough to get these sports without having to pay a second or third fee. This is not right, it's called gouging; we Canadian's are suckers to pay more....again I have many conversations with service dept. etc. and you get no-where(that's the policy etc. sir)(sorry sir)...why pay more for less? Want to watch today’s EPL game! Ah! It’s on Sportsnet world! Oh ya, you need to pay for that too….no way…I am a big sports fan but not willing to bend on this…Rogers, get your act together, don’t tell us you have NO say in the matter….no one believes it….Roger's stop passing the buck...(we know that's what it's all about)not about our viewing pleasure....sad-really sad