Regarding cancellation

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Regarding cancellation

So i tried cancelling my home phoen because i found it was not needed because i allready have a cell phone and the rogers person i spoke with over the phone said id have to pay a cancellation fee of $20 a month untill my contract is over.


Does anyone know if this is true or is it a lie? noone told me this when I signed up. I also have high speed and rogers cable.



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Regarding cancellation

why did u sign a contract then if your thinking about cancelling? if your under a contract theres always gonna be cancellation charges. and cancelling your service means u will give up and loose ur rogers home phone number for ever, is this what u want?

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Regarding cancellation

They tried the same thing on me recently. I logged a complaint with CCTS and they confirmed my complaint was valid.  I recommend doing the same. Rogers will end up having to reimburse you.

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Regarding cancellation

Hello jkmadams

You are wrong again. You complained because you had to pay a cancellation fee WHEN the cancellation is valid..

When you sign into a contract, it will tell you what amount it will be for you to pay when you want to cancel. No matter what company you are with, you will need to pay the cancellation fees when cancelling if you signed a contract. The only ones that do not want to pay are the ones looking for a loophole & trying not to pay.

I recommend before signing into a contract, reading it & then signing it. Many people claim they do this, but never do & then come to this spot.

You have to pay $20 for each month up to whatever the highest cancellations is. IT DOES say this on the contract. I have seen it my self.

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Re: Regarding cancellation

After beeing SCREWED once on a line of credit in the past, and not reading every line.

I know its a pain.. the rogers guy will hate you for it.. but read EVERY SINGLE LINE Of that contract before you sign it. 
If you do it over the phone, there is no SIGNING per say for these, but they WILL email your email on file (so make sure its up to date), with the contract info.  Read it, and if anything is wrong, call back IMEDIATELY.