Redeeming The Rogers First Rewards Points

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Re: Redeeming The Rogers First Rewards Points

Total scam, I just tried redeeming points tonight and found out program is now cancelled.   After they stopped epost bills they just sent it to some cryptic rogers email adress and I only ever looked at total of the bill to pay. (main account is gmail).   What a rippoff, they should have at least applied any credit to bill.    So glad I am moving and will never use rogers again or recommend them to anyone.  Shame on you Rogers.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Redeeming The Rogers First Rewards Points

The bill itself has never been emailed out, really only a notification that it was read to be viewed.

Online, generally yes the first page is the TOTAL, which is what has to be paid.
But there is MUCH more information there online, if one delved deper into it.
Including on those pages (i do remember on the main total page as well), there was notifications that the First Reward points was ending.

Personally, i read every page/section when my bill comes out.  (that or just open up the paper copy from the first page).  I read line for line, just to make sure that there are no issues.

Unfortunately the information HAS been posted/announced for well over a year.  Maybe you just didnt look at the right sections.

Really in the end.. its up to each user to be aware and look at EVERYTHING.  Its the easiest way you can be safe.
On here for example.. the number of people who were not happy when Analog TV was starting, up to finishing, being cut off.  There were people completely blindsided by it, no clue it was happening.
The information about it being cut off, was printed on just about every single bill, as well as other mailings out seperately, for almost 2 years before it was happening. (this is before even full online billing).  People chose just not to read the whole bill.. and missed it.

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Re: Redeeming The Rogers First Rewards Points

After 6 phones calls and 2 hours that I won't get back, Rogers finally credited my bill with less than the amount owed. I must agree that automatically crediting your account with your points value would have been the prudent response from Rogers.