Recordings Disappearing Immediately After Recording

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Recordings Disappearing Immediately After Recording



I have the older NB2, with the latest software availabe to it.


Although it doesn't happen often, it's becoming more frequent:

- I am recording a series on a weekly basis.

- I can see my PVR is recording the program (the red REC light on the front panel is on; and if I press the "LIST" button, it says it's recording there as well).

- But then after the program finishes recording, it is automatically deleted from the PVR!

i.e. If I press LIST, the episode is not there, and the number of recorded programs is 0 for this series.


Anyone else faced this?




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Re: Recordings Disappearing Immediately After Recording



This sometimes happens if the signal strength for that particular channel is low.  Check the signal strength in your home and in your neighbourhood by calling Rogers.  See the following post regarding Signal Strength.


If you tune directly to the channel live, can you see it properly?  Do you have breakup or occasional black screen?


One other test is to go to "List" and try viewing the recording while still in progress.  My guess is that you'll see a black screen instead of a "good" recording.