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Recordings 'By Title" display totally messes up....

I'm a Trusted Contributor

OK, this is a little complicated, but I find I can reproduce this every time under these conditions.


On a 9865 you need to go to your list of Recordings, By Title.

For this problem to occur you need the very first alphabetical item in the list to be a Folder containing at least 6 recordings,  preferably more than 10 to make this easier to test/more likely to occur.

(In my case I have a '22 Minutes' folder at top of list with 19 recordings at present).


Go into the folder and delete one of the programs that does NOT appear on the first screen (in other words page down to a second or later screen and delete a program there).

The list of recordings By Title is probably now completely empty in the folder you were in.

If you Exit the Folder it has not changed the count of programs to reflect the one you just deleted.


If you go back into that folder you may now find:

- that the first screen of recordings in the folder now only shows 3 recordings on the page instead of 4

- after the first screen of programs in the folder the subsequent screens now only show 5 recordings per page instead of 6

- empty lines in the middle of the list of recordings on some pages (both in the main By Title list, and within Folders)

- recordings of programs that belong in other folders (usually recordings from the next folder in alphabetical sequence)

- some recordings appear to be missing completely from the By Title display (though they can still be found By Date)


These problems will usually now also show up in other folders.


If you use Page + (as opposed to Page -) you will have missing red 'cursor line' in some cases so you can't select recordings, etc.).


All this only affects the listings By Title (By Date/Channel/PVR still work correctly).

The only way to fix the By Title list is to reboot.


I first noticed this problem at and it still occurs on




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Re: Recordings 'By Title" display totally messes up....

I'm a Trusted Contributor

This problem has spread/changed to now include messing up the display of My Recordings "By Date". At present (after a reboot) the "By Title" display is working OK, but By Date has dropped from 6 programs per screen page to 5 (last one being blank on every screen). And when you page through the list is MISSING the one that should appear on the 6th line. The only way to find/play those recordings is to use a different screen (By Title or By Channel for example).

Same as the problem I previously reported, if I display recordings By Date then "Page +" or arrow up to a screen of newer recordings I have no red cursor line on the screen so can't select anything. If you "Page -" the cursor reappears.
Also if you "Page +" the blank line (in listing of programs) appears where the 6th line should be. If you Arrow Up it appears where the 1st line should be.

As usual you have to reboot to fix this.

Re: Recordings 'By Title" display totally messes up....

Hi @neilpalmer400 


Thanks for the feedback.  Interesting discovery. I'll pass along your feedback internally to the team that can look into this.


Thanks again, and have a great day!



Re: Recordings 'By Title" display totally messes up....

I've Been Here Awhile

I see that the last response was February 9 2015.  I still have this happing to our PVR.  I bought the PVR and have had to have it exchanged once because of this problem. Now the second one is doing it and the warranty of one year has run out.  I keep having to reboot all the time.  When is Rogers going to fix this?


Re: Recordings 'By Title" display totally messes up....

Hello @droza1,


I am sorry that you are experiencing this issue. Normally when our engineering team is unable to replicate the issue on our end or if multiple complaints haven't been recieved regarding the issue, it's treated as a single fault issue. Your box is also out of warranty as you stated or I would've advised you to swap it. Does rebooting fix the issue? If you'd like, I can have someone from CommunityHelps PM you and try to find out whether it is actually out of warranty or not. Have you called in previously to confirm? Please let us know. 


Thank you,


Re: Recordings 'By Title" display totally messes up....

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
This is an issue, while I don't have it often, but is more global.
It's not a box to box issue, the box is fine.
It is a bug in the software.
So swaping won't do anything.

Really until it's fixed all that can be done is reboot
An interim thing until you can reboot, if say a recording is going on, you can go to the by date and it should show all recordings

Re: Recordings 'By Title" display totally messes up....

I've Been Here Awhile

Re: Recordings 'By Title" display totally messes up....

I've Been Here Awhile
No I haven't called in just kept rebooting but now I will call in and investigate further. We have 3 PVRs in the house and only one is giving this error.
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