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Recording via Anyplace TV ios app

I Plan to Stick Around

Over the last few weeks, any shows or sports events that i've tried to record via my Rogers Anyplace tv app on my iphone 6, i come home from work to watch the program, and it isn't in my list of recordings. I know it has worked in the past with no problems, but just over the last 2-3 weeks or so i've noticed that it hasn't been recoring. 

Can anyone help or have any ideas as to why this might be happening? Both my iphone 6, the app and my nextbox 3.0 are all up to date on software. 





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Re: Recording via Anyplace TV ios app

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

i THINK this may be a seperate issue..
Not sure if there was much mention on this board about it.. but was some on another board i visit.

There seems to be some issues with some of the sports recordings lately... where say the block is 2 hours for the event.

The event ENDS at 1h50m.. the OTHER side i am assuming, cuts the feed, etc..

the box is picking this up, i think, as something gone wrong.. and not keeping the recording.

I THINK the fix that some have had to kinda get past it, is set the recording to go 5mins OVER the regular time.. so it is ignoring the normal window (is more of a manual window then). 

not positive if you can set those settings via the app tho.

Re: Recording via Anyplace TV ios app

I Plan to Stick Around

when it comes to hockey or soccer, i've always had the recording go an hour past the required due to overtimes and injury time (ever since the world cup in the summer when we would miss the ends of some of the games) i know its not the issue of the block. 

Re: Recording via Anyplace TV ios app

Hello @socrdiva11 


Here are some troubleshooting steps you could try out.

  1. Confirm if you see the show set to record is in "Scheduled" within the App
  2. Confirm that the "active box" in  the app settings is the same box they are trying to watch the show on
  3. Try removing and re-installing the app.

If you are still having issues after attempting these steps, please let us know so we can have someone look into this for you.


Hope this helpsSmiley Happy






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