Recording Conflict

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Re: Recording Conflict

@upsdriver9 wrote:

it cant be fixed, rogers only allows you to record 2 shows at one time, you can watch a 3rd show that has already been programmed, but not another live show, this is something that rogers cant change, their receivers can only record 2 at a time, and then you cant watch anything else live, rogers needs to get receivers like the competitor has, where you can record up to 4 shows at once....

What are these competitors you speak of....?

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Re: Recording Conflict


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Re: Recording Conflict

Bell fibe, has 4 tuners in it, vs 2 with rogers (bell satalite, is the same though).

Lets keep the thread on topic with the rogers stuff though guys.

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Re: Recording Conflict

I find this problem very frustrating and lazy programming.  I was watching The Hobbit last night with my family and, 2 hours into the movie, a tuning conflict popped up with bumped us out of the movie and put us back at the beginning.  And, due some poor programming decision, you can only fast forward at a slow pace.  It took us 1/2 hour to fast forward back to where we wanted to be.  Then, a 1/2 after that, it bumped us out again when we were 15 minutes away from the end of the movie.  There was not enough time left in and we were unable to play the end of the movie.