Recent network performance

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Re: Recent network performance



Glad the google DNS worked for you, but in reality it too is only a quick fix... and has inherient issues of its own! one tip is to use as primary!!!


Do a google search on google dns... and read the article about using public dns...


Then do a google search for "namebench" download and run that program.. it takes a while but offers up fast DNS servers close to you .


Below is a sample of a test I ran usingmy netcomm hub in Cobourg... you can play around with the DNS' that have the fastest results (enter them into your routers DNS settings).


IP Descr. Hostname Avg (ms) Diff Min Max TO NX Notes SYS-   118.4 3500.0 1 1 OpenDNS 196.42 -12.5% 109.6 3500.0 2 0 Videotron Phone-4 CA 198.52 -13.5% 108.0 3500.0 1 1 Primus Toronto CA 202.99 -15.4% 98.9 3500.0 2 1 Radiant Alberta CA 219.67 -21.8% 98.3 3500.0 3 1 UltraDNS 222.68 -22.9% 116.3 3500.0 2 0 Sogetel CA 232.71 -26.2% 110.3 3500.0 3 1 RISQ CA 242.43 -29.1% 91.0 3500.0 5 1 DynGuide-2 247.34 -30.5% 119.0 3500.0 3 0  

2001:470:20::2 Hurricane Electric IPv6 375.28 -54.2% 177.9 3500.0 2 2 Bellnexxia-2 CA nscidsim02.srvr.bell.ca846.03 -79.7% 97.7 3500.0 50 1  


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Re: Recent network performance

I have owned the Ericsson W35 RocketHub for over two years now.  Unlike the Netcomm RocketHub, the Rogers variant of the W35 RocketHub does not give you the ability to modify the DNS IP addresses at the device itself.  They are as obtained from Rogers using dhcp when the RocketHub connects to the Rogers cell service.  The W35 web management interface does not allow you to change the DNS addresses.


The lack of ability to change the DNS settings on the W35 is an issue on the W35 but not for the same reasons as on the Netcomm.  Personnally I have not had, nor have I seen, any reports of DNS problems with the W35.  But, given the poor performance of the Rogers-provided DNS services, it would definitely be desirable to have the ability to set alternate DNS addresses into the W35.  I have several computers here that access the W35, so that means I have to change the DNS settings in each one manually.  If I could set the desired DNS addresses into my W35, dhcp would do the job for me automatically.


Ironically, if I had command line interface access to the W35, I could in fact change the DNS settings at the W35, because the functionality is available at the CLI.  But Rogers has not revealed how we can access the CLI on the W35.  We do not know the password required to access the CLI on the W35.



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Re: Recent network performance

I live in Corkery, just outside of Ottawa. I am on a ZTE MF28B with Rogers. Up until about three weeks ago I had an almost steady 7 (plus) Mb download rate on LTE and was very pleased. Anyone out my way knows how difficult it is to get any sort of decent signal. Especially in this so called era where everyone is ensured a reliable internet experience. I started getting signal dropouts and either patience or power cycle would resolve them. Then my signal dropped to a whopping 400kb download which was so degraded I could not even read an email. I called rogers support and the tech took me through power cycling, reset and laptop reboot. Of course none of this worked so he escallated it to network support and assured me someone from Rogers would visit the area and troubleshoot reception. About 2 hours later I recieved a call from a pleasant lady who proceeded to say they had reviewed the situation and that the tower had had some congestion lately and to expect equipment upgrades late in the third quarter. I thanked her for sending some one out to my neighborhood so quickly but that her response was rediculous. So now what does one do, I am on a 2 year contract for a 10gb plan @ $52 per month and I can't even download a FaceBook post.

I have seen Bell techs running Fiber Optic cable in the area perhaps they will be my saving grace and for once I can rid myself of the buffering wheel forever.