Rebate for new I phone upgrades

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Re: Rebate for new I phone upgrades

Hello orianafernandes

The rebate link has been having issues and you need to call into Rogers to get the credit. Sometimes It takes 30 days for the link to show up on your my Rogers. 

" 1. Log in and navigate to MyRogers.


2. In the secondary navigation (which contains overview, bills & payments, etc.) click the "Products & Services" tab


3. If you're not on it by default, choose "wireless"


4. If you have multiple phone numbers, select the rebait phone number from your list


5. Under the "My phone" section, you should have a rebait option.




NOW like i said above and in other threads,  the rebate link has been having major issues in which does not show up for many customers. You will need to call in and ask for the rebate OR mail in the rebate coupon which will take 6-8 weeks.