Re-download emails

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Re-download emails

I am using Windows 7 and Thunderbird 24.2.


I have my Rogers email account set to keep copies of emails on the server for 30 days.  Yesterday I received an email which looked a bit iffy so I deleted it right away without opening.  This morning I am having second thoughts (I would like to see the headers) but I don't know how to re-download it.  I only received 8 emails yesterday so I wouldn't mind having to download all 8 of them if that is the only way.


So, can someone please tell me how to re-download emails?  Thanks in advance.



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Resident Expert
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Re: Re-download emails

All depends on your OTHER settings.

Is it set, in your email settings.. to delete the message on the server side, once you delete it on your local side?  If so, might have deleted it alltogether.

Best way otherwise to retreive the message.. would be to log in via the webmail login.. its still should be there.

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Re: Re-download emails

If you want to re-download to have them in thunderbird you would have to login to the rogers webmail ( site with your rogers email address/password.


If the messages are still in your inbox in webmail then right click on the messages you want and select "Mark As Unread". That should hopefully let Thunderbird re-rownload the items. 


Most likely they are in the Trash folder. In that case you would select the items you want and move them back to your inbox and then mark as unread.