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Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

I Plan to Stick Around

ok Rogers,, times up,, where the . is this update,,, losing faith here,,


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Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

I Plan to Stick Around

Hey Z,


Did you wipe your user data?  I think that helps a lot.  You may have some old apps clashing with the new update.


Mine wouldn't even start until I got into recovery mode and wipe user data.


I have since rooted and lagfixed and it is quite smooth but not as smooth as 2.1 lagfixed.

Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

I've Been Here Awhile
It would be really nice if a rogers rep could post about this update on kies. When is an official update coming out. Will this update void my warranty. This is getting ridiculous. All I ask is that a rogers rep please post up some info.

Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

I'm a Reliable Contributor

Add me to the people whos update is working well.


Yes I got the "failed to go into update mode", but I rebooted and followed the instructions on Kies.   Power down with USB plugged in and while holding down the Vol up/dn button.   Got the green guy with the shovel, and Kies connected....


A pocket full of NEXT and well it just seems to be working great.   Skype?  Working.   Flash 10.1?  Working...


Everything seems faster... Also I think I am smarter, and better looking....


Nice upgrade.

Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

I Plan to Stick Around



I didn't do any resets when upgrading.  Mind you my device is only a week old! Ha...  So might be something to try.

Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

I Plan to Stick Around

Hey  Zizo0727 


    Good advise to hold off for the in-experience,  it is not easy to upgrade Kies (very buggy)  and...

Definately communication problem between Rogers / Samsung  1st the delay now the denial on the offical 2.2 release.

Interenal  communication within Rogers properly very confused too (have anyone seen any Rogers offical comments in this forum for past few days  ?)


FYI,   I also   delete  all user data  (Vol + Power  booting) before I can sucessfully  upadate to 2.2