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Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

I Plan to Stick Around

ok Rogers,, times up,, where the . is this update,,, losing faith here,,


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Re: Email errors

I also recently suffered the same problem the other day.  If you google it you will find there is many people who have suffered from it even going back a couple years to a couple different phones.  Only problem is no one ever posted a solution to the problem short of simply not using email on your phone.

Count yourself lucky.  I went to send a happy birthday message to my mothers husband and ended up sending him an email I deleted off my phone about a month ago that was to my ex girlfriend at the time.  Not good and slightly embarrassing to say the least.

Rogers and Samsung really have to get off their butts and produce better quality products then this junk.  I haven't been happy since day one and I am seriously regretting both getting this phone and not switching carriers when I had the chance.

Problems I have faced:

Delay in even getting the phone.  Took about 2 months from the time that I knew I wanted the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate until I was finally able to purchase it due to product shortages.

The phones cost.  I was originally guaranteed from rogers retention staff the promo price of $179 and no $35 admin costs amoung other things.  They tried to charge me $229 and the $35 admin costs.  Also within a month of my getting the phone I saw a promo for it for $99. 

Text Msging:  Once I had the phone with Android 2.1 the text messaging time was off by 5 hours.  A month later I finally smartened up and found the app that would correct that problem for me.

Samsung Kies.  Like everyone else I have suffered a multitude of Kies problems.  No matter how I set it up it wont run on my XP desktop but it does work "ok" on my XP laptop.  It was a pain in the butt to jump through all the hoops to get it to work properly though and to set it up for the 2.2 Andriod update.  It still wont backup my contact list properly but then I think that's because I have it set to store on my secondary 2GB SD card then the "phone".

The music player.  Like the iphone I hate how the files all have to be set up in a certain way.  I have them all in their own folders etc on my desktop and I use winamp there to run it and everything is awesome.  Regardless of using the stock samsung music player or the winamp app on the phone the file names get messed up and are a pain to make play lists with etc.  My files are each in their artists folder, then if there is more then one cd each cd has their folder, then the files are named such as Knaan - 07 - Wavin' Flag etc.

Allshare:  This is a great feature but needs to be more user friendly.  I have a samsung series 7 LED tv and 3d bluray player as well as the FreeAgent Go Flex Home wifi network storage system.  I love how I can be in my kitchen playing poker and changing the music on my reciever in my livingroom with my phone with the Allshare program.  Either by playing the music off my phone to my tv and thus my reciever or through my phone to my GoFlex drive to my tv and reciever.  The only problem is I have to load each individual file one press at a time to the playlist and there is no way to save the play list that is used for the Allshare program.  This is a huge problem and obviously limits what I play as there is no way I am going to do that for over 3000 files!!!


Also viewing pictures from my phone to my tv using the allshare program is waaay too slow.  It takes forever to load them on my tv and to flip through them.

Andriod 2.2.  Since installing this on my phone it now takes my phone anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to go from powered off to back up and running.  This is a huge pain in the butt, but I really don't want to have to delete everything off my phone and spend the entire day putting it all back on to solve this problem.  I keep hoping there will be an update for 2.2 that will resolve this for me, but I think I'm probably dreaming.  As a result I only power my phone once every couple/few weeks.

Voice dialer.  Doens't matter if it was 2.1 or 2.2.  This program simply doesn't work and is garbage.  Period.

Email Program:.  The stock email program is the problem.  It is the one that switched the body of my email for an older deleted one.  It was set up to recieve gmail, msn email and my university email.  So two stmp's and one pop??  I believe I had it set up to send via my msn email otherwise it was my gmail account it was set to send out from.  The email originally arrived via my msn account and was deleted off my phone a month ago and put into a different folder on my MSN account about a month ago as well.

Samsungs email and samsung's social Hub don't work at all and force close on my phone after about a minute or two of giving my phone a black screen and rendering it totally useless.

Closing programs: Certain programs don't close on their own and force me to use another app to close them completely.  Also there are too many programs that run without needing to that I am forced to close using the ram manager

There are other issues with other apps, but if they aren't rogers apps or samsung apps then I haven't bothered to mention them here as it's they wouldn't be samsungs or rogers fault.

I'm sure there are other things that have been brutal and problematic with this phone and rogers but I am forgetting them at the moment.

If anyone knows a definate way to fix the email issue I would greatly appreciate hearing it.  Also if anyone knows without having to delete everything, a way for me to solve my bootup problem I would also greatly appreciate that.


Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

I've heard this week there will be another update. Is it true? Anybody knows? I am afraid on doing the 2.2 update as I am not a tech person. Thanks.

Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

I've heard that 2.3 is coming out in the 'near' future.  But I haven't heard of any date being set.  My guess would be likely a month or two after Bell gets their update as it was with 2.2.  So just wait for them to get theirs first. 

Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

Thanks a lot!

I guess I'll try to update to 2.2 (God help me) so I can use skype.


Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

I've Been Here Awhile

I guess I have just been lucky.  Since putting 2.2 on my phone I haven't had any issues and it is snappier and the battery life is way better.  I upgraded to ADW launcher and it is crazy fast.  Has never shut down randomly or had any email or text messaging issues.    It kinda sucks that everyone does not get the same results after upgrading.

Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

I've Been Here Awhile

Has anyone had this problem?


I have a Rogers Captivate currently running 2.1 (JL2). I am trying to update to 2.2 with Kies. I have tried the newest version and also 1.53. Kies recognizes the phone however it will not update, it says "This version of the device cannot be updated".

Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

I'm Here A Lot

i didnt have time to read thru all 24 pages of this thread, so I dont know if im just beating a dead horse here, but...


some 2.2 issues that have been frustrating me on my Captivate are:


-  when exiting a voice call, if i lock the screen while still on the Phone app, the screen comes unlocked again (sometimes in my pocket)

-  Gmail app now only works intermittantly.  on 2.1 it worked flawlessly, but now i have to try several times before it brings in anything

-  while on a voice call, if the screen turns off (power saving) there doesnt seem to be any way to wake the screen.  the power button (which normally wakes the screen) ends the call.  sometimes pressing the volume-up button several times will wake the screen, but sometimes not.  this is especially frustrating if i want to turn on or off speakerphone.

-  the Wifi button in the drop-down Notification bar rarely works.  after trying that button and failing, i go into the Settings -> Wireless -> Wifi settings, and it shows Wifi (error).  if i disable then enable it there it works flawlessly.

-  every week or so, my Notification bar will freeze up while dragging it down.  it will let me drag it down about a centimetre, then it freezes.  i can put it back, and try again, but still same result again.


ontop of this, I am also experiencing the ongoing Windows USB Mass storage problem.  in Windows 7, I cant transfer files to or from the phone.  in WinXp, or Linux, it works just fine.  


I also CANNOT use Samsung Kies for the life of me.  it just doesnt launch on Windows 7, but works on Windows XP.  i'm tired of borrowing a laptop everytime i want to load files.  i am enormously regretting my purchase with this phone.  im honestly thinking of going back to iPhone, now that MTS is carrying them

Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

I'm a Reliable Contributor

I have two Captivates upgraded to Froyo, and am experiencing none of the symptoms you relate.


As to using Keis to to move files off and on, Try Keis Air.   It is in the Samsung Apps New.


In relation to the rest of the issues, many seem to be WiFi ralated.   Delete all of the wifi profiles you have and start again.


Also, you might have the Background Auto Sync feature set to high, or maybe to many things.   Shut it off for now, and see if that helps.


I find that during sync the handset CPU is overburdened.


Good luck 




Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

Thanks to everyone for their comments and feedback.


In regards to 2.3, we will update you if any information becomes available. Be sure to check for our newest updates and releases.




Most troubleshooting steps are included in this thread (somewhere in the 24 pages). To summarize here are some steps to try:


- Remove & Re-insert your battery

- Restart your PC

- Re-install KIES

- Try another USB port (at the back of the PC if possible)

- Download the drivers from KIES (Click Kies at the top left, then Driver Recovery)

- Set the device to Kies/Download mode (When plugging in the device you should get a prompt)

- Master reset the device (Settings->Privacy->Factory Data Reset  *This will erase all data from your phone*)

- Try another PC (This can also be performed as a first step to help determine if the phone or PC is causing the problem)


Regarding the specific error you are receiving, I have found the master reset to usually do the trick. I hope this helps!

Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

I Plan to Stick Around

The Froyo upgrade is essential.  Do not listen to anyone in this thread that suggests you do not do it.  It fixes many bugs, adds essential functionality and compatibility for current software that you won't get with 2.1.


If some of you have upgraded and are seeing performance issues, you have done something wrong.

Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

I've Been Around

Last night I downloaded 2.3.3 from Samsung and installed it on my Galaxy S, previously at 2.2 (and 2.1 before that). The phone has had the issue where no more than 2Gb data can copied since new, along with 2 other phones I've tested. I'm happy to say that 2.3.3 fixes this issue.


I'm not happy to report that the native Email app with ActiveSync is horribly broken - it cannot render html mail, and shows all headers for even plain text email. Reported the issue to Rogers today. So far, everything else seems to be ok.