Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

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Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate


@Maniccupcake wrote:
how do I get that version?


Make sure to delete the 2.0 version from your computer first.

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Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

Not every USB cable will work with Kies.   You need to have the Samsung USB cable that came with your phone.

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Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

Hey all,


I've notice after update to 2.2 with Kies my phone seems to be slower. Swiping across home screen screens is slower and the animation isn't as smooth. Transitioning to the applicaiton menu and swiping through the list is slow choppy. I even noticed the game Alchemy was laggy. Especially when there was a lot of things onscreen. This never happened when I had 2.1.


When I first got my phone everything was buttery smooth and 2.2 seem to ruin all of that. Is there any way to get it back to 2.1 without resorting to warrently voiding methods? Will Rogers be able to do it for me?


Also, Flash is worthless. It's choppy and unusable.

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Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

Everything seems to be running fine on froyo, but I can't seem to put any files on the internal SD card. I keep getting a "parameter is incorrect" error. I've formatted the internal card through the settings and through the recovery mode (vol up down and power). It always stops adding files after 2.2 gb of the 13 gb is full, and on windows if i try to format it, windows gives a 2.19 gb option for the space. Any ideas/fixes for this?

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Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

For those of you who haven't upgraded I'd wait. Don't upgrade to kies 2.0 as the Captivate is not supported yet. I spoke to Samsung support who told me that the techies are working on fixing 2.0. Also, when I asked about my non functioning SWYPE keyboard application problem:


1) Can't select SWYPE - phone starts vibrating

2) All options on SWYPE application options are checked off and the screen is frozen no up down and you cant uncheck any boxes the phone just vibrates.


the customer support person said she couldn't do anything for me except give me a work order # to take to a Roger's store and to bring my phone in to get it serviced.


She also told me NOT to to a factory reset as Zizo0727 recommended as it may currupt the phone.


I was wondering if deleteing the user data in boot menu is different than factory reset and if that would fix the problem?


What does deleting the user data delete?

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Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

So far mines been a success.  I saw this forum yesterday, and I've been chasing a froyo upgrade for about 3 weeks.  Decided to go for it yesterday.  I did originally have problems w/ cables and my x64 win7 machine seeing the phone, but after switching a few cables I got it working.  Upgrade went smooth as can be.


Rogers screen does appear for about a split second before the galaxys logo comes up.

Its smoother than before, and I had previously rooted, and lagfixed my 2.1 galaxy.  That phone went back for random shut downs.  This phone's been great, but I wanted the voice features that 2.2 brings to the table.


I've tried swype settings, no issues there.  I've rebooted.  I did not have to clear any data when rebooted into 2.2.   I haven't tried the gallery yet.  But battery life is definitely better than 2.1.


I use my phone extensively... so I'll keep you all posted as to how its going 😄


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Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

I took a chance & downloaded 1.5.3 from one of those file sharing websites - can't remember which one though. With 1.5.3 I can finally 'see' my phone. However, I am still on the fence on whether I should upgrade now or wait for the official Rogers release. Seems like it's a bit of a hit & miss with all the problems.


For all those that had a problem-free upgrade, did you take any special steps/precautions, e.g. clean-off all the user data, or disable SWYPE, or reset your phone, etc. prior to upgrade? TIA for input you can provide.

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Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

I updated to Froyo without resetting anything. Everything works for me.


Swype's spell check in the browser doesn't seem to work when you double-tap it anymore. Although pressing the swype key when you put the cursor on a word it works.


Wonder what will change with the official update vs this one?

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Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

still not working :*(


also i keep reading about tw launcher needing to be used. WTF is that? I've only had my phone for a month, and I left the box the phone came in on the roof of my car so I lost everything. If its in the software that was in the box I don't have it.


edit: Finally got it working.

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Re: Froyo (2.2) on Captivate

like i have said no issues with the 2.2 update,, actually makes the phone more useable,,,


delete your old kies,, goto samsung,, install kies dated jan 6th,, i had to use xp to do update for whatever reason, wouldnt work for me on win7 64bit,,,



just do it,,, you will like it,,