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Re: E-mail to Text (SMS)

I've Been Around

so are the or working or not? I need this service to get alerts from cameras and sensors, as the requires me to text back yes to read there message.


If this is the case ill half to change carriers I guess.


Re: E-mail to Text (SMS)

I've Been Here Awhile
No, their @sms one no longer works.

I worked around it by having Nagios send email to a separate gmail account (and sync that on my phone), and had gmail forward it to @pcs. That way the text alerts me, and I can then read the email in the mail client. Reading email via their gateway is pretty bad, but it functions as an alerting mechanism which is all I personally really need it for.

Still pretty hacky though, it'd be nice if they brought the @sms one back.

(It'd also be nice if the forum software didn't delete @sms every time I edit the message...)
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