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Re: Channel 950

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I understand what you are saying.

I think the difference is HOW the new box does the playback.. rather than the channel , it does the playback more as an overlay, than on the channel.

hopefully maybe they can change it somehow.
Though not sure how much effort that they will put into it.. as they are pretty much discontinuing those boxes in general, and focusing more on the nexbox 3.  with the 8 tuners.. it falling back onto a recording, is less likely to happen.



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Channel 950

I've Been Around

Channel 950, or the "DVR" channel, served an extremely important purpose in the "old guide". When a recorded program ended, it would automatically bring you to channel 950, thereby allowing you to remain on this channel if desired to continue watching recorded programs.


In the "new guide", channel 950 is not utilized, which causes issues and inconveniences. In the "new guide", when a recorded program ends, it takes you to the last channel viewed (not channel 950). However, if at that time you are recording two other programs, you are automatically notified that there is a conflict that must be immediately resolved, which will require you to stop of one of the two recorded programs or stop the channel being currently viewed (which is the last channel viewed before watching the recorded programs)  - this is very inconvenient and quite annoying as when you decide to resolve the conflict by ending the last channel viewed, it will take you to one of the two recorded programs, in progress, which you obviously would not want to do as you are recording those programs and would prefer to watch them cleanly from the beginning. Channel 950 in the "old Guide" addressed this issue by acting as a "neutral" channel that could be tuned while recording other programs.


Please bring back Channel 950 to the new guide. Thank you. 

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