Raptors NBA tv audio out of sync.

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Raptors NBA tv audio out of sync.

On Raptors NBA TV channel the audio (voices) are not in sync with the video (mouth movement)  Ive noticed it before, but it wasnt too bad.  However the problem seems to be getting worse.




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Social Media Specialist
Social Media Specialist
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Re: Raptors NBA tv audio out of sync.

Hi Untouchable,


I have just sent you a PM.  Please let me know if you are still experiencing difficulties.





I've Been Around
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Re: Raptors NBA tv audio out of sync.

I am having voice Sync problems with my Netbox PVR.

The sound is delayed. 

It occurs with live TV and with recordings.

This never happens with my other PVRs only with the Netbox.

What is causing this?  Is it the Netbox or is it the cable signal?







Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Raptors NBA tv audio out of sync.

While could be signal if only affecting one or a few channels, might just be the box. Had one channel only doing it to me yesterday only and fine since.
Best thing to do is a reboot on the box first to see if it clears up, this will often fix it.