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I placed an order to switch my home monitoring from ADT to Rogers mainly because I had rest of the services with ROGERS. Otherwise XXX  was giving us a great service and we just completed 3 years with them. . Rogers agreed to take over the existing equipment because we owned it.  Therefore my bill will be only for the usuage of the 4 services, which came to be a little cheaper than the existing combination we had. When Rogers subcontractor came to do the switch he said he can not take over the equipment for some technical issue. After discussing with Rogers, they agreed to replace the XXX equipment for free and honour the initial order. However we agreed to pay for 2 day/night cameras to be added to the package they were giving us. After so many visits finally they got the system up and running. Now Rogers is billing us left right and center. The total for the 2 cameras a key pad and 3 light bulbs as agreed was a specific amount. HOWEVER, we cancelled the extra key pad and the 3 light bulbs subsequently as the sub contractor never rememberd to bring the items. Therefore Please note :  WE DID NOT GET THOSE ITEMS. The bill as of September 7th showed a erroneous balance and I spoke with customer service. The girl put it right to show only the amount in question plus the month's usage charge. However, the bill shown on October 7th again is incorrect.

Is there any one at Rogers who can put my account in order or the alternative is Rogers to take all the equipment and go ... and I will go to another service provider. I really don't need to deal with Rogers inefficiencies.



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Hopefully someone from @CommunityHelps can take a look at this for you.

My GUESS.. is since the equipment was intially sent out to you.. that triggers the initial charge.

If the stuff was picked up.. but a proper return/exhange type thing was never processed.. as far as the back end know the stuff was still there.


One thing whenever ANY hardware exchange is done, either at the house or at the the store, etc... i always make sure i get a receipt of some form, that the unit was returned, etc.. that it has/shows the S/N of the thing, etc.



Its a shame that you had this experience.. hopeuflly one of the reps can take a look for you.

I have had a great experience with the home monitoring so far 😞
(my mother.. has an alarm with another company.. and JUST renewed under protest with them.. promised her the world.. and their stuff only worked for 3 days.. have had 4 different issues so far.. 2 months, and STILL not fixed... so it can happen anywhere)

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Good afternoon @avantib,


Thank you for sharing this situation with us, we certainly want to help.


We're very sorry about this poor customer experience. Smiley Embarassed


I am going to reach out to you directly via Private Message from @CommunityHelps.


Please keep an eye on your inbox.