ROD, TV networks Show's short changed for viewing time.

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ROD, TV networks Show's short changed for viewing time.

Hello It great having the On-demand service with my cable service.
It help out when I have to watch all the tv network show I enjoy watching.
Having the service keep my time open for my children and any problem's that happen when I am unable to wait for the time slot's
As a father who has an child that has to be supervised 24 seven in my care. On-demand help me a lot.
Sadly of last week most of the tv network programs have been getting longer commercials and shorter tv program times.
Some show's end very early. It even cut out the best part of tv programs. As they say "saving the best for last in tv shows".
I am hoping that roger would pass the word on to network's like amc, global, city tv To watch or adjust the time for the show's? I not asking to view the credits Just the end's.
There no stop, pause, replay or editing on specail needs children.
If not it posting about it here? It would be great to know on who and how to send the message too?
Thanks ..


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Re: ROD, TV networks Show's short changed for viewing time.

Hi @Weth,


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I can understand your frustration. Unfortunately this is not something we have control over and this feedback would need to be sent to the broadcasters directly. If you go on their websites, they have links to their social media pages where you can comment on.