Questions on Home Phone Service

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Questions on Home Phone Service

Recently purchase Rogers home phone. I was told by 2 persons at Rogers that the $10 fee would not increase at all. I have had the service for under 6 months and I have just recieved my first " New home phone fee" Notice. 

How can you justify charging $3 more per month when you just told me you would not increase pricing ? And exactly what is it that you are updating that will benifit me ? 



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Re: Questions on Home Phone Service

Hi @brodger,


I understand where you're coming from and will try my best to elaborate a little as to why there's a $3 more per month price increase added to your Wireless Home Phone (WHP) service.


In line with our terms of service, the price of your add-ons or month-to-month services (such as Wireless Home Phone) may change. Since we must let you know of the price changes at least 30 days in advance, we notified you with a bill message. We always try to keep prices as low as possible and avoid increases unless they're really necessary. We also know how important it is to have reliable wireless services. The costs of providing top-quality services have gone up over the past few years, that's why sometimes we have to take a second look at our prices. Where you benefit is our continued commitment to maintain delivery of the best products, services and network enhancements.


Hope this helps.