Question regarding my corporate plan

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Question regarding my corporate plan

I've just upgraded my personal plan to this corporal plan offered by my company. I'm confused about one of the features on the list. The plan as per my online account looks like the following:


My Plan
Unlimited Voice Plan
  • Unlimited Eve & Wknd Minutes
  • Unlimited Weekday Minutes


Included with My Plan
  • Billed Usage-Invoice Details
  • Network Features
  • US Roaming $0.20 Flat rate
  • Intl Roaming $1.00 Flat Rate
  • US Data Roaming
  • Intl SMS Rerate $0.30
  • US LD Rerate
  • Zone2 International Data Roam
  • Mexico Data Roaming Rerate
  • Zone3 International Data Roam
  • Zone4 International Data Roam
  • Intl SMS Rerate $0.20
  • US SMS Re-rate $0.10
  • Intl Data Roaming Zone 2, 3, 4
  • Unlimited text/pic messages
  • Unlimited Canadian LD
  • Corporate Basic Voicemail
  • Call Display w/Name Display

What exactly is meant by billed usage-invoice details, and why is it a feature? 

And what does "network features" include?


Thanks a lot, your help would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Question regarding my corporate plan

Hello dirninvihaaja

"Biller usage - Invoice details " means you will be receiving detailed billing with your invoice.. This will show you phone calls u have made, how many minutes and other little things a normal invoice doesn't show you.

As for Network Features, this is something u need to contact Rogers Business solutions and ask them. It could be that you are receiving a few network things others dont..
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Re: Question regarding my corporate plan

I have exact same plan as above and the US SMS Rate is the same as listed as US SMS Re-rate $0.10 but last month I sent one text to a US number and got charged $0.45, why?
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Re: Question regarding my corporate plan

Good Evening @Big8D,


Welcome to the Community Forums!


Although some plans may include similar features, they can still be separate plans with different monthly service fees, as well as  different pay per use rates for such features as MMS, SMS, etc. 


The best thing to do is contact the business department at 1 866 727-2141, and they can review all the details of your plan with you so you are familiar with how it works, along with the charges associated with overages.


Hope this helps!






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Re: Question regarding my corporate plan


I am planning to go to Panama. Under my corporate plan, I have $1 flat fee for international roaming. Also international data roming zone 2,3,4 Can you clarify the coverage of it?