Question about what is considered as long distance?

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Question about what is considered as long distance?

Hi so, I was wondering.


What is considered long distance? My contract is, 1000minutes calling and unlimited texting. and 6GB of data.


If I live in scarborough, toronto. And I were to visit guelph for example. can i use my minutes, texting and data at guelph? or will I be charged long distance charges?


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Re: Question about what is considered as long distance?

Hello ntgavin

It depends on the texting plan you have but it should be unlimited texting around Canada. Data wise you are fine using Data in Guelph. I use it most of the time while i am there & never get charged.

As for calling, it depends on the number but it mostly is LD. When i went to Guelph, i was told when calling back to Toronto it was LD.

I would suggest calling Rogers & checking it out. They are able to see for the texts & calling. IF anything, they can add unlimited LD or something similar for you for a cost tho.



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