Question about Cable TV Services

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Question about Cable TV Services

Hi. My wife and I have a "free cable" service using the Rogers network which enables access to television since we have bad credit and Rogers doesn't  want to actually provide TV services to us on a monthly plan (which is fine anyway as it's free for us).


We've actually had someone come by and activate cable for us free of charge. Someone whom I won't name.


Anyhow, my question is, if we use our digital cable box or PVR, will it work? We'd like to move along with the phase-out of analog cable TV, but we're just wondering if this will work. If not, Bell seems to be our only option.


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Re: Question about Cable TV Services

Likely not?

It sounds like.. whatever you have.. that there is no account tied with it?

For the boxes to work, they need to be activated on an account.. so no they woulnt work as they are not activated on the network.

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Re: Question about Cable TV Services

Hello Goodness

Like Gdkitty said, the box will NOT work unless the authorized on a Rogers cable account. At the same time, if a Rogers tech comes over and sees you get free cable, they can either report it or stop it. ( stealing, free cable which you You should be paying for and so on. You aren't clarifying on what what type of free cable you are getting).

In the end, answer is No, it won't work. Bell is the same exact way as well. Their boxes won't work unless the box is authorized on a Bell Satellite or Bell Fibe account.
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Re: Question about Cable TV Services

if your getting "FREE" cable and did not pay for cable services, you actually are stealing services and could be backcharged. You wouldnt steal from a store right? but why do u feel its necessary to steal from a giant cable conglomerate corporation.