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Quality of the service

I Plan to Stick Around



I'm unable to find any topic in regards to the quality of the service(ultimate for me and others with different tier of connections) on this forums. One of the other places that people interested in kind of topics would be dslreport. Simply by visiting that forums, you can notice there is something going on in background that is effecting my quality of service.


Simple speedtest/pingtest/tracert don't show any problem with the connection. But my Internet connection simple stops working every couple of seconds. out of 5 pages from even google and, I get one or two "page not found". All these problems in a smaller scale started with the "new" restrictions on p2p protocol and over time, specially within last 3-4 days it got dramatically worse and spread to all protocols.


from the p2p side, I used to be able to max out at 5mg on torrents, right now if I'm lucky 100kb combined on more than 1 torrent(yes there are legit companies out there that use torrent as their protocol for distribution - e.x Blizzard). direct download from http, from websites like Microsoft maxing out at around 3mg, which it used to be maxed out. and the list goes on.


my question:


Why is this happening?! When is it gonna be fixed? Why when rogers expects the customer to pay their bill on time, they wont return the favour by taking responsibility and admit there is something wrong and put some "extra" energy to get it fix. Heck I'm paying rogers the highest package they have available in order to use Internet in the way I please, I pay for the speed. first introducing bandwidth caps, then throttling upload speed on p2p and then throttling all encrypted connections, and now pretty much everything.


When this mentality gonna stop!? Honestly I'm pretty sure this strategy all it does is hurting rogers reputation. I used to work for rogers, I'm a person most of family and friends look up to ask technical question and advice about what service to get. My answer usually was rogers. But now, I really feel uncomfortable to recommend signing up with rogers, at least on the Internet part. I'm getting very good discounts from rogers, but at the end of the day I don't care about the money($10-$20 up or down) as much as I care about the comfort of going behind my computer and use the service I'm paying for the way its meant to be.


People that agree to pay $70-$100 per month for Internet are not your average day to day users. They pay premium and they expect a premium service. OK you use DPI and slow me now, no problem I get a VPN and go around you, or get a seedbox or dedicated server and download my stuff on ftp or http. I'm still using my bandwidth and putting my "pressure" on the network on a different protocol. What did rogers gained ?! well pretty much nothing other than made me pay extra to another company for VPN/Seedbox and a very frustrated and pissed off customer which as soon as there is another stable competitor will move on.


Rogers really need to take another look at their policy.



p.s: please an estimated ETA on the problems in Toronto area?



Re: Quality of the service

I Plan to Stick Around

Re: Quality of the service

I've Been Around

Hi !


If you want the facts about your connection, take the test @ .

This might be interesting. I have !!

Re: Quality of the service

I Plan to Stick Around
You might want to try changing DNS servers. This won't help the traffic shaping, or throttling, but might cure the page not found errors. I had the same problem over a year ago, and switching to the GOOGLE public DNS server fixed it.

Re: Quality of the service

I've Been Around

I've been having the same problem lately.  Just got wireless hooked up last Friday and have had it disconnect several times over the past week for no reason.  Also, when watching video online, it freezes constantly.  Just for comparison, I used a rocket versus the wireless connection, and no problem.  So it's not the computer, it's the connection.


I used to think Roger's was pretty good (superior to Bell at any rate), now, not so much.

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